Kill That Mocking Tongue


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Come on people. Do you not grasp history. There is no evidence in existance that the new testament character Jesus ever existed. It was just a tale writ by the Romans. Might I remind you also that it is the Christian claim that their New Testament character Jesus was in fact the very specific Deuteronomy Prophet that the "Living God" promised Moses he would raise up.

(cough) do remind us all exactly which prophet it is that Muhammad has proclaimed himself as being. ? Isnt it a fact that Muhammad believed in Jesus and 11 Chapters of the Quran glorify Jesus as being the Prophet that the Christians proclaim Jesus as being.

It is also an historical fact that Muhammad has also proclaimed himself to being the very prophet that he claims Jesus was.

Far be it for me to point out the actual word of the "Living God" states that he would only raise up just one Deuteronomy Prophet. So by the actual word of the "Living God" either Jesus or Muhammad or both must be not telling the truth in their claims. Go to the Sura 4:82 challenge of the Quran and learn more if you religiously ignorant sheep dare.