Lessons of Arabic Language for the Non-Native Speakers

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Lessons of Arabic Language for the Non-Native Speakers​

These are three good books for learning Arabic Language for the non-native speakers. But we should pay your attention that they are for who has slightly good knowledge about Arabic and how to pronounce it. We don't claim that you can consider them as an alternative to a teacher but they are good step for who wants to be excellent at Arabic. With these books, there is an Arabic-English glossary confined to the words mentioned in these books, and the author shows in its introduction how to find any word

1.Part1 7.4 MB

2.Part 2 12.9 MB

3.Part 3 33.8 MB

4.Glossary 42.6 MB


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One 2 one Arabic lessons Skype by qualified teacher

Assalamu alaykum

I am a Muslim revert, having taken my shahadah in my youth. I have lived/studied in the Middle East for seven years and have taught Arabic since returning to the west for about four years. I am fluent in both Arabic and English. I am looking for MALE students to teach online on skype in their own time and pace. I am a very patient teacher and currently teach in a well known U.K Masjid. I use the Madina books and will help you excel in Arabic, both reading,listening and speaking Allah willing. Only £8 an hour on skype. I am also willing to teach a group of brothers face to face no less than four and no more than eight at a discounted fee of £6.50 per person in any London location, please bare in mind that this fee includes my travel costs. Please message me here or e-mail me at [email protected]. ONLY MALE STUDENTS PLEASE.


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waalaikumsalaam wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakaatuh!

jazaakumAllahu khair for the links! If I may add www.arabic-made-easy.com
The lessons are online and for free and downloadable. get it while its still free inshaallah, I dont know when they will start charging, but I happy as for now lol. May Allah give us ease in acquiring beneficial knowledge,Ameen