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Ask IOU – LIVE Open Session with IOU Administration
by IOU Admin - Tuesday, 17 April 2012, 11:35 PM

As-Salaamu'Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullaahi Wa-Barakaatuh

I hope all of you are in an increasing state of Eemaan and good health, Insha Allaah

The Islamic Online University Administration has decided to conduct a live web meeting open to all- even those who are not yet studying at IOU. The session is titled "ASK IOU" and anybody from anywhere is welcome to join it to ask questions about Admissions, Registrations, Enrollments, Studies, Exams, Centers and any other topics.

Ask IOU - LIVE Open Session is scheduled on 22nd April, 2012 - 6:15 pm Qatar time, Insha Allaah. Please click on the link below to attend the session on the scheduled time
Please do not miss the opportunity to interact live with IOU Administration. We always strive to make our services better for the students and would love to answer your queries about IOU. So please be on time and be a part of this session. For us Islamic Online University is a community effort and every person of the global community is a part of IOU.

Lets meet on 22nd April, Insha Allaah!

Jazak Allaahu khair