Man arrested over Keighley 'mosque assault' footage

Ibn Uthaymin

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If you watched the Dipatches program last night, you should be be glad to know that this ignorant mullah imported from abroad got arrested. May Allah set his clothes on fire!

These idiots should be banned from teaching, and what are they teaching? They don't even know proper Tajweed themselves!

Now imagine all the beatings, rape that take place in India/Pakland/B`Desh.

May Allah destroy the oppressors with oppression ameen.

Here`s the documentary if you wanna watch it.



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yeah i watched this last night....felt DISGUSTED...cant belive it that these 'mullahs' still exist and continue to teach our children, i say all of those who teach in this bad manner should be arrested. islam doesnt allow this kind of ill mannerd behaviour.