Brothers Most read 5 Quran Surah App


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Smart phones are now very common and apps are the one of the main factor of their smartness J. There are many Islamic apps as well which can be used to earn virtues via smart phones. Today the app under consideration is 5 Quran Surah available on android platform. It consists of

Surah Yaseen

Surah Ar-Rahman

Surah Al-Mulk

Surah Al-Waqiyah

Surah Al-Kahf

The importance of these surahs are pretty much obvious and all of us recite these surahs from time to time or daily. You can download 5 Quran surah app for android to read these surahs on the move with the following features.


If you don’t understand Arabic you can utilize English translation feature of this app for better understanding.


Arabic language is so vast that a slight variation in the pronunciation will lead to the different meaning. That’s why 5 surah came up with the English transliteration feature to assist those who are in a learning phase.


You can also listen to the recitation in the voice of two famous Qari via this app. I personally recommend you to use that feature while travelling, in waiting rooms, and where ever you can, you will be rewarded In Shaa Allah. There is no need of internet and full app will work offline.

Display Options

The developers also care for those who are picky in the color scheme and fonts. You can easily change colors and fonts according to your choice if you are not comfortable with the default ones.