Alhamdulillah Multiple Duas for different situation


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Islam is the religion in which Muslims can stay connected with his/her Creator at whatever time, any place By having a propensity for presenting heavenly "AAYATS" which are generally called "DUAS". Our Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) has asked a lot of times for asking dua whether you are happy or sad.This application is a best stage for you to stay in contact with your ALLAH anyplace whenever. This application gives you a way to stay connected with your Creator for 24 hours of a day, probably dua is a gift from our ALLAH we must have the propensity for recounting it before doing any sort of work.

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Multiple Doua for different situation:

Dua For travelling: travel safe and be protected by the almighty god

Dua after salah: after you pray to allah you can make a d3a2 mostajab inshallah

Dua iftar: make that dhikr in Ramadan

Dua for Breaking the Fast (Iftar): after a long day of ramadhan make your (Fasting -Siyam) mostajab.

Dua for Laila tul Qadr: the night of power the most spiritual night and the most important night for muslims

Azkar for ending the quran (khatm ul quran): Most Muslims read all Quran by the end of Ramadan this dhikr is for those who ended Ramadaan.

Night Prayers (Tahajjujd)

Dua end of Ramadan.