Muslim Names Game

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I'm sorry brother,I've seen that there are really too many posts,I thought to all those names at the same moment and I didn' want to post 8 messages in one I posted 8 names,I hope it didn't irritate you

No it did not bother me sister, I meant maybe it is time to start this game again. - The rule is you just write one name, using the last letter of the name the previous user gave.

So, if the name is Rashida, the next person will write a name beginning with letter "a"


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at first it was so,but I'd seen that some ones maybe didn't know that rule and posted the name which jumped into their should be a quick thread,where the user posts as quick as possible at least 3 names,remembering that he has not to repeat them another time and that he has to remeber the names that other users post..I can suggest to restart a new thresd with new rules and it should be finished in a maximum o 4 weeks.what do you think?
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