My Conversion Story


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Salaam Alaikum, bros and sis on TTI!

I'm not a newie of TTI, so it's very late to introduce myself. Just last week, i was Don, an average Chinese univ student. And now, i'm Nurdeen, a new bro of yours. I'd like to talk about my conversion story. I'll be very happy if u like it :)

I became interested in religion since starting my univ career, 4 or 5 years ago. I read the scriptures of Buddhism, Bible, also some basic information of Islam. Do u know what did i find in Islam? A big Surprise. My country sticks to the ideology of Materialism and Atheism, in our education system, "religion" is labled as something fake and deceptive. The image of God, or gods was created by some stupid barbarians and was taken advantage of rulers. Men themselves creat some idols and worship such idols and that's the essence of religion, they say. Well, but what did i c in Islam? As we all know, the very spirit of Islam is to destroy the worshipping of any idol,whatever a tree, a stone, a sculpture, a pic or a monarch. While what do those so-called Materialist, or atheist do? They say we dont believe in any superstition, but they worship their "revolutionary leader", or money, or power with 200% passion and enthusiasm. I appreciated the very core of Islam, however, at that time Islam was just A religion, not THE religion for me.

Then one night, laying on the bed, a thought suddenly hit me. I asked myself, do i accept the Kalimah "La illaha illa Allah, Muhammadu Rasulullah"? Ok,problem. Then why cant i become a muslim? Wow it really shocked me, i couldnt believe such a crazy idea!!! Well at that time i was not prepared, but the seed of Iman began to grow.

Afterwards i studied many many articles, lectures, documentaries, TV episodes...... My knowledge of Islam expanded. In 2007, i met a Turkish sis online. One day she asked me, did u say the Shahadah? i answered no,not yet, coz i dont think i'm prepared. Then she said, why not? Do u accept Shahadah? I said yeah,i do. She said, then u should say it ASAP. Coz u dont know when will u die. Maybe 2morrow. Well she really inspired me and soon i said Shahadah (in arabic,surely :)) Both she and i were very happy. Alhamdulillah I became a muslim since that day, though my Iman was not very solid.

I started to know different sisters or bros worldwide. Inshallah they're all very very kind and cute and helpful. Some told me how to perform prayer, some introduced me the conditions of their countries, some talked with the Islamic history, well, i really learnt so much from these bros and sisters!!! :)

One night, i was listening to the recitation of Sheikh Minshary bin Rashid al-Afasy, Sura 55, ar-Rahman. It almost brought out my tears. I knew i would never never leave Islam! At the same time i started to read the Qur'aan systematically. Well, the feeling was amazing! Some verses among it seemed not only answer the questions of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.)'s era, but contemproray issues. I dont know if im clearly, i mean the Qur'aan is not only guiding the ppl in Arabian penisula in 7th century, but every one in every time. And i read some pamphlets before, saying Qur'aan was written by one or some persons, it's an artificial product,etc., Now i knew it's impossible. This book is beyond the imagination and understanding of human beings. No one, whatever Homer,Virgil,Dante or Dostoevsky can write such a book. What's more, i found in the Qur'aan, many ignorant ppl at that time also called Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. a liar, a deceiver, just like many ignorant ppl do today, and Allah s.w.t. protects Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. from any rumor and attack. Alhamdulillah!

So u know i was a muslim, but i still worried about too much. I even didnt perform prayer. However,in 2008, i myself met many obstacles in my life, I was suffering big phsychological burdens for something, once a time i thought i couldnt take it any more. But i knew i would never give up my faith in Allah s.w.t. During the gloomest days, i knew i need the prayer. My hardness was the test from Allah. Faith is not so easy. Faith is valuable just after pains and sorrows. I'll remember that day forever. 16th,July,2008, I prayed for the first time in my life. some weeks later, one afternoon i was browsing the Qur'aan at random and i met the first 2 verses of Sura 110. "Itha jaa nasru Allahi waalfathu, Waraayta alnnasa yadkhuloona fee deeni Allahi afwajan." I couldnt control myself and my tears burnt out. 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was under the insult and persecution by Meccans, never losing his ambition. 1400 years later, a 23-year-old Chinese univ student decided to follow Prophet's path in his remaining life. Do u know what does it mean to me? It's much more than a legend or adventure. It likes FATE. Just 4 or 5 years ago i thought i would never believe in any religion, and now things changed, Allah s.w.t. wins. Plz think of it, bro and sis. Surely it's my FATE. It seemed so far, but when it comes, i dont know how to refuse. The only thing i can do is to embrace my FATE firmly, unswervingly.

In the Ramadan of 2008, i tried to keep fast. One day i was standing in the balcony of the school, a big crowds passed by me, went upstairs to take lunch. I gazed at them, then turned my head towards the sky. I was much more fortunately than them. They went to seek the food and success in this world, while i was on the path of true life. My feeling at that time can be described as "Noble Loneliness". Thx God He granted me Islam. I must cherish it, love it, praise it, follow it, it's more than my life.

Alhamdulillah in the end of 2008, all my burdens were removed miracally. Things looked so fascinating and amazing. I can't believe in my achivements in this year. I knew Allah answered my prayer and now it's the time to do something for Him. Two weeks ago i was listening to an mp3 lecture by Imam Hisham al-Awadi. He asked, "what's the turning point in your life?" I knew, my turning point is now,here.

Last Tuesday i sent a msg to a muslim friend, telling him i want to convert(i chatted with him before, but he didnt know my decision yet). He said ok, good, plz come to the masjid this Saturday. So u know, 17th,Jan.2009, my turning point came. I performed the Asr prayer with my bros for the first time and talked with the Imam. Listening to my statement, the Imam said repeatedly "Allahu Akbar" and i c, both of us were very satisfied. The Imam gave me a muslim name, Nurdeen, "the light of religion". So now im Nurdeen Dong Neng, a new bro of u all. I spent 4 years to be here with u, and there will be no regrets in my life anymore. Allahu Akbar!!!

Well it's the end of this thread. My dear bro and sis, i wish my story will help u to think of our faith and our fate. Before accepting Islam, i had no relation with any religion, neither my family, neither majority of my fellow ppl. Allah chose me even before i was born, and this fate binds me with u tightly. Let's raise our hands to seek the truth in our life. Our tears witness our faith, and Allah knows our heart best. May all muslims have the goodness of this world and the Hereafter. May human beings understand and benefit from the light of Islam one day. Ameen. :salah:


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Assalamualaikum brother Nurdin, welcome to Islam. Your journey to Islam is liike a long and winding road, isn't it. Amazing story bro, really!All I can say is Congratulation, may Allah guide and protect you, always. Amin.:shake:


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An amazing story my brother and congratulations. You are so right about what you said about atheists. They claim they don't believe in god or a religion but they fall back in the same catagory with all polytheists. If a person is not worshiping God, the one and only, then they are worshiping something or someone else. The word "god" is not a name for one in particular and anything that a person falsely worship is a god (ilaha). Therefore, Allah is the only one worthy of worship and He is the only one that is rightfully worshiped. Anything else is false and false under shirk. It could be money, power, women, materialism, nationalism and everything else other than Allah.

Thank you for your beautiful story may Allah reward you and bless you, may He also guide the rest of your family and the people in China, amin. I know a few uyghur friend from online and I know they are Turkic speaking Muslims from Western China(Xingyiang)

Waleykom Salaam wa rahmatullahi, wa Barakatou


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Asalamo Alaikom
I read your story brother, Alhamdo lilah, you are the real winner brother, it is really amazing how this Din Islam keep spreading everywhere, Alhamdo lilah. May Allah reward you and bless you
your brother Mohamed


Assalamu Alaikum

WELCOME to Islam Brother. Also you have to note that it is your duty now to let others like your family and friends also know abt the beauty of this religion. So please make Dawah.

May ALLAH SWT grant you success in this world and in the hereafter as well. Ameen


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Masha Allah brother very nice story...
Welcome to this great Ummah..
May Allah Bless You ,Accept ur and our good deeds and Give us All JANNAH...ameen.


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Wow, its like someone secretly gave you a precious gift in the midst of the height of secularism ..a communist country! SubhanAllaah.

May Allaah reward you, strengthen your faith in him and give you the required courage it takes to be a Muslim :) Ameen!



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Wow, its like someone secretly gave you a precious gift in the midst of the height of secularism ..a communist country! SubhanAllaah.

May Allaah reward you, strengthen your faith in him and give you the required courage it takes to be a Muslim :) Ameen!


salam allahi alaika dear brother

wow what an magnifique story ?? really it is an amasing one ,, i congratulate u brother for ur faith in the almighty swt.. now it is ur role to guide insha allah people around u .....
may allah swt guide u to the right path and all members of ur family insha
allah .

salam alikom
ur sis khadija


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so great to read your story and welcome to TTI and hope you can find what helps you to get more closer to Allah
may Allah bless you
jazak Allahu khyran

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Mabrook for accepting the faith of Islam. You are lucky that you found the truth Alhamdolillah. May Allah guide you more Ameen. Do Prayers for all of us as all your past sins have been forgiven by Allah SWT and your prayers are very precious and beneficial for us. Jazakallaho Khairn.



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Subhanallah.....see how Great Allah is! Allahu Akbar. He is the owner of our hearts and He is capable to change us. You're a lucky person bro, He chose you among thousands of chinese people to take step to this STRAIGHT PATH. Alhamdulillah.....Alhamdulillah. Being a Muslim is the GREATEST GIFT people ever have.


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Waalaikumsalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Welcome to the Family, Brother.

MashaAllah, subhanAllah.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

I'm very happy for you. Alhamdulillah. :)

May Allah The Glorious and High, make you among the righteous and grand you the highest of Jannah. Ameen.


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Thx, brothers and sisters, thx for yr warm reply. This friday inshallah i'll attend the Jum'a for the first time and very possibly the Imam will send me Arabic Qur'aan. I love reading and reciting Qur'aan in arabic. I wish my knowledge of Islam will be expanded day by day, may Allah make me a faithful,fearful and successful man. ameen :salah:


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SubhanAllah Brother!!

Your story really really touched me and i pray to Allah Almighty that may He always guide you in the right path..Ameen!


be urself
this is very touching story ...its amazing how allah guides people ...sub7anallah ...

thanx for sharing your story ...

meer suhail

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Asalam o Alykum
you must be really strong man ,,,,
welcome bro ,
May Allah bless you and protect you and increase your iman and knowledger everyday ,

Roby Rahman

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Alhamdulilah. Brother you are so blessed that you have been selected by Allah the almighty into the relidion of truth ISLAM. May Allah continue to guide you and please make duah for the entire ummah as I will make duah also.
Asalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu


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Great story - very inspiring - welcome to Islam Nurdin.

May Allah keep you on the right path.