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  • Asalaamu alaikum, I thank you for your post - I am a brother, actually though :) I will probably sell the house and just move into a rental or something, not sure yet. Allahu alim.
    Education is very important to us, better say it is fard for every Muslim and Muslimah. Iran is investmenting a loot in secular and Islamic education and that is the *gold key*. For example, last year has been organised competition in learning(recitating) Quran in Egypt, and one of the winners was hafez. Zubeydat from Iran. He is also student on University of Law.

    My point is that we are and we should be creators of our society that is unfortunately far away from that how Islamic society, genearly Islamic world should be.

    I hope dear brother you are having blessed days of Ramadhan and may Allah accept your fasting and duas. Ameen:tti_sister:

    Unity of our Ummah could freely be called *long-tearm goal*, but there is no better goal than the *long-tearm*. That is the moment when our knowledge and patient, but elso our progress, are shown in its full volume.
    Wa Allaicumu Sallam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear brother and Ramadhan Kareem to you too:)

    Jazzak Allah khair for your message and kind words. May Allah reword you dear brother. It is good to hear opinion that is different from others but yet truthful. Iran is progressing every day more and more and its goal is to be independent in real sense of that word, becouse today is very hard to find country that is independent and not subordinate to "leading countries".

    I think that other Muslim countries can learn a loot from Iran, but Iran can also learn from them. We should all work together, and support each others as that is the only way we can succed and help to our brothers and sister who are passing trough very hard moments today, but elso to create safe base for the future.

    Ramadhan Kareem & Mobarak!!!

    May Allah (swt) hasten your pardon..strengthen your iman..perfect your practice..lengthen your hours of worship..and count you amongst those He (swt) purifies in His Month of Fasting..Ameen!
    Wleykom salaam wr wb my sister, thanks for checking on me and sorry for the late reply. I am doing good Alhamdulillah, had a little ups and down but can't complain. I just had been busy and I had moved so I couldn't always get on the internet but I should be around more often, inshaAllah. How about you my sister, are you doing good/ and how is the family? InshaAllah all is good and thank u again for checking on me, jazak Allahu khayrun ya ukhti. waleykom salam.
    Assalamo Alaikom Wr Wb Akhi fillah

    I have not seen any posts from you around TTI for the last couple of months or so..and thought it is a duty to ask about an akh who provided highly valued insight around here..and know if he's alright..since he's not seen around often

    Hamaka Allah wa Raa'ak Akhi and inshallah all is well with you

    Your sister a_muslimah86

    Wow! that's great..it's not every day that I meet someone who'd been to Lincoln before :D..and there are lots of Iraqis in Nebraska actually..90% are Shia's from the south though :(..which means *very little interaction* with people who're supposed to be *ahl el balad* you know what I mean?..but what can we do?..alhamduliallah ala kol haal at least we know a couple of good families..anyway..I'm really starting to believe that the world is small *afterall* :)..it's always great to talk to you akhi..

    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    Wa iyak akhi..and alhamduliallah ani bi khair we 'afya..baraka allaho feek for asking...and akhi I live in a town called Lincoln..it's in the forgotten state (out of the many) called Nebraska :)..boring & small place..but alhamduliallah rab al-alameen..very safe and (oddly) diverse as well

    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    Assalamo Alaikom brother...

    Baraka Allaho Feek wa radha 'ank wa ardhak fel dunya wal akhirah..jazaka allah 'anna kol khair akhi..shukran jazeelan for the welcome :)

    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    Assalamo Alaikom Akhi...shlonak?

    Akhi...I read a thread by you about the Shahadah..and I was deeply impressed by your explanation of it and your approach to it...I am an officer in our local MSA..and we have an upcoming Islamic open-house...where we will speak of the pillars of Islam & the pillars of faith..and I wanted to take the contents of your thread to used by the member presenting the pillar of shahadah..but i wanted to take your permission first..and I will be relating the credit back to you...so allah may grant you additional ajer for it inshallah!

    Please do not feel pressured to accept..I only thought it is my responsibility amama allah to take your permission before I even review it with other members of the MSA..so you are certainly free to decide on that which pleases you...baraka allaho feek & jazaka khaira ajjaza'a

    Wa Alaikom Assalam Wr Wb
    As salaam alaikum brother Rashadi

    Jazak'Allah for the kind words you wrote to me on my post.
    How are you doing brother?

    The one who shows the beauty of his character and manners in an atmosphere of controversy by staying quiet has won a place at the highest point in Paradise. [Tirmidhi]
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