New Al Quran Bahasa Indonesia MP3 android Application


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Al Quran bhasa Indonesia MP3 is a newly Introduced android Application for Muslims. It provides reading, translation and transliteration Qur`an. users can learn Quran with Tajweed as it gives transliteration and audio recitation options. It has a beautiful and uncomplicated interface and backgrounds. Find some other features after experiencing this.

On the other hand users will get translation of The Holy Qur`an in Indonesian language get & 8 other famous languages. Now Whole Quran is in your access whenever you want.


Main Features:

This App has the following interesting features:

• Full Quran in “Indonesian language”

· Find Some other unique features

• 114 chapters of Quran t are in an order just like you have The Holy Quran in you home.

• Translation of Qur`an in English, Urdu, Spanish, French, Chinese Persian, Netherlands, Italian, and Indonesia language.

• Easy English Transliteration which helps to improve Arabic pronunciation

• Download Recitation by parts or full package in MP3 format

• Users can use “Go to” option and find specific verse

• Also they can use search bar to find specific surah

• Bookmark feature helps to resume recitation anytime ,its really helpful to save your time

From settings you can;

• Choose different Arabic fonts, sizes and colors according to your choice

• Turn on Translation and transliteration option in one click when required

• Use recitation notification to set time of recital which suits you best

As the app is free for all users therefore download this app as and try to recite Quran on daily basis to earn blessing by Allah Almighty. Thanks