Non-stop whispering from shaytan


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Assalamu alaykum

I'm going through a hardship and I keep making dua to Allah to help me, but whenever I do that, I start getting whispers from shaytan. Usually you get whispers telling you that Allah will not accept your dua, but because of my certainty that Allah will inshaAllah, I don't usually get these whispers. Instead, I get get whispers telling me that ALlah will not give me what I want but something better. Now, this is such a good thought. However, everytime I think that, it gives me no comfort whatsoever, and I get so depressed and start questioning Allah asking why He can't just give me what I want, and that I don't want anything better than what I'm asking for. It depresses me so much that I completely lose hope in Allah. Other times, whenever I'd want something, worldly thing, I would barely get this thought, and when I did, it will only give me more happiness. Not this time though, and what I want is a very good thing that will benefit me so much in both lives. Please tell me this thought is from shaytan. I get sooo many whispers that confuse me so much. I hope it's not ALlah telling me this, because if it is and I'm just thinking it's from shaytan, that would be absolutely horrible.

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He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
Salam aleikum sister
Here is a great answer and a good perspective regarding the answer of Allah swt to our prayers, inshAllah, hope will help you.

Question: Why aren’t my prayers being answered?

Answer: May Allah reward you for asking such an honest question, and may He guide us towards the truth. Ameen.

I think what happens in this type of situation is that we mix upour means and our ends. When we make du`a’ for a good husband, for example, is that strong marriage a means or an end? I think many people take it as an end, which explains much of the disillusionment and disappointment that often follows (ironically in both cases: whether we get it or we don’t). Like everything in this dunya, marriage is only a means – a means to reach Allah. So if we pray for it and we don’t get it, perhaps Allah has chosen another means for us – perhaps through hardship, the purification it may cause and the sabr it builds, to bring us to that end: Allah. It may be, as only Allah knows best, that had He given us that amazing husband we made du`a’ for, it would have made us heedless and therefore not achieve our end at all.

Instead of seeing it like this, however, I think the problem is we are seeing things as just the opposite. The dunya (that great job, certain type of spouse, having a child, school, career, etc) is our end and *Allah* is the means that we use to get there. We use that means, through making du`a’, to achieve our end (whatever it is that we’re making du`a’ for), and then get disappointed when our means (Allah) didn’t come through for us. We throw our hands up in the air and say our du`a’are not being answered. Our means just isn’t coming through for us!
But, Allah isn’t a means. He is the end. The ultimate objective of even du`a’ itself is to build our connection to Allah. Through du`a’ we become closer to Him. So, I think the problem is that our focus is wrong. That’s why I love the du`a’of istikhara so much. It’s just perfect because it acknowledges that Allah only knows best, and then asks for Him to bring what is best and take away what is not best. The focus of that du`a’ is not that which you are asking for. The focus is what is best in this life and next. This is not to say that we cannot make du`a’ for things specifically that we want. On the contrary. Allah loves for us to ask of Him.

But it means that once we ask, do our part to the utmost, and put our trust in Allah, we are pleased with what Allah chooses for us. And we realize that Allah answers all du`a’ - but not always in the form we expect. And that is simply because our knowledge is limited, and His is unlimited. In His infinite knowledge He may send us what He knows to be better for us in achieving the ultimate end: the pleasure of Allah (swt).
Wa Allahu `alam (and Allah knows best).
By Yasmin Mogahed.


فَتَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ
Dear sister,

What you need to do is strengthen your tawakkal in Allah. Accept what He gives you and submit to what happens to you. Do you really think what you’re asking for is better for you? How well do you know yourself? How well do you know about your emotional and spiritual responses to things that have happened in your life? How well will you know your future plan? How do you value your submission to His tests? Surely, better than anyone, but better than Allah? And while this question doesn't need an answer, that is what you sound like.

Dearest sister, you seem so sure, so certain you want something and you want it because you feel it is better for you, even against Allah’s decision. Questioning Allah's decisions says a lot about how we see ourselves. We are nothing but His servants. He is the Lord of the worlds. We need humility in our communication; we cannot just demand our desires.

As soon as you start chasing this dunya, it will leave you. But when you leave the matters in the hope and trust you have in your Creator, you will see the doors of opportunity open, one after the other. This is not just an abstract concept. It is real and can be felt if you actually try. Essentially, what you’re achieving here is a very close connection with your Lord, and you live your life almost by an elimination process according to His pleasure. So start by eliminating these thoughts, free yourself from this tension. Let Allah be the controller of your affairs, and remember, don’t set your heart on anything. Because once you do, putting yourself back together after you've been shattered doesn't happen overnight. Wholeheartedly, and really, with full understanding, trust your Allah. It starts here, and ends here too.


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Wa`alaikum salaam warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.

I'd meant to reply yesterday, but subhaanallaah, got distracted.

Ukhty, I feel like this is connected to your last two threads. And that saddens me because you were given many good advises on the other ones and now, with this post and your tone, it seem as if they had not affect on you.

Sister, and am not asking you to share your deepest dark secrets, but why are you making life so difficult onto yourself? I'm sure none of us can proudly say that a day goes by without attacking us at least once! That's a given fact of life. Wherever we are, wherever we go, shaytaan is there to try and pushes us off the straight path. And subhaanallaah, Allaah `azza wa jall has already told us that if we're really His slaves (by having fully submitted to Him), Ibless and his little minions shall have no authority over us. [Surat al-Israa']
Shaytaan can whisper and whisper and plot and plot all he wants, but never can he have full control over us...that is, unless we let him.

You're grieving and driving yourself to the wall because of this. Ukhti, you know the facts, you knows what's right from wrong. You know all you have to do is make du`aa and then just put your trust in Allaah. Trust that He knows you better than you will ever know yourself. Plese don't belittle His abilities by saying things like,
why He can't just give me what I want, and that I don't want anything better than what I'm asking for
and then,
what I want is a very good thing that will benefit me so much in both lives

Why do you think so little of Him? Can you really say, honestly and truly, that this think you want now will benefit in both lives? You think this thing, whatever it is is your ticket to Jannah? What if you're given it and it ends up serving the opposite for you? It's possible, because no ones knows how they'll end up dying - isn't that why we often ask Allaah for good ending?

But sister, I really think you're giving shaytaan more power than you should be! There's no limit to du`aa. You can ask Allaah `azza wa jall for anything you want, so long as they're good, and He'll answer you no matter what because He said so. That's not something you should ever worry about. Instead worry about what you're really asking for and sit and think first about your intentions. Are they really sincere? Are you really firm in your belief that Allaah, whom you're praying to, will not fail to deliver? That He will answer? That He is the best of planners? That He, alone, can provide a way out for you? That He, alone, knows best? That He, `azza wa jall, does no wrong whatsoever?

Ukhty, put your trust in Allaah. You might say or think that you have already, but I mean, *really* and *fully* put your trust in Allaah!
And then inshaa'Allaah, nothing, not shaytaan's whispers or your own doubts, can bring you down.

Bi'idhnillaah, all will go well for you, ukhty.
Smile, please? :) Ramadhaan is on it's way, that should be enough to cheer everyone up!