Noorani Qaida App – Noorani Qaidah for Kids (iOS and Android)


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To be able to read Arabic and Quran is in Arabic language is a very big project. Some time is required in order to complete this project. In order to save the time and to be able to learn in an easy to use way, our company Quran Reading has developed an application named as Noorani Qaida. This app is very easy to use by kids and it is FREE of cost hence you do not have to pay anything to learn Quran. You will get the correct accent if you are able to learn Arabic from this application. You may download it by the links given below;


The features in this app are given below:-

1) Simplicity– The structure and design of this app has been made in such a way that it may be used by small kids. The colors used in the application help kids in easy recognition of the structure of the sentences. The sounds files are also included so that correct accent may be understood by the kids.

2) Easy Navigation – The use of fancy buttons has made it easy to navigate between the application pages. Like the button of forward and backward will move the app in between the pages.

3) Sound File:- Each and every picture comes with a sound file. The “Play” button has been created to play the sound file. When you click on this button, you will hear the sound of the alphabet, phrase or sentence.

4) Final Objective – Helps you learn the complete Quran:- If you familiarize yourself with all of the chapters, you should be able to read any Surah or Ayath. You should be able to read it in an easy to use format.