Open your eyes!!!


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I begin as always with the name of Allah aka God...

Open your eyes to the truth,
It really doesn’t mean "In God We Trust",
It means, make that money at any cost,
Even if it means a soul is lost and its faith tossed.
Do they think and take us for fools?
As if we really don’t have a clue!
Glitters of this life they want us to appreciate,
So that beneath us they can deviate.
I see my people killed and slain, taking away their life beam,
Young boys and girls rapped and murdered in Palestine,
While they go out every Friday and dance to T.I.'s "Shoulder lean"
While they devour its Mic-Chicken,
A family in Iraq lose their life and I'm sickened,
To see their problems thicken.
A teen boy in Chechnya is shot at point-blank range,
With no future knowing there's little hope for change,
While my brothers from Bosnia cry Jihad,
They curse him and take everything he ever had.
Now he's headed for Guantanamo bay,
With no justice, no lawyer, and no say,
He is prepared to be caged,
Do they have no consideration for a Nation in Raged?
We are blamed for the Twin Towers,
They call this the "Home of the Brave",
But I call it the Home of the Cowards.
America, you Reap what you Sow,
You know you got your finger on the trigger,
And its Islam your ready to blow,
Giving my sister in Afghanistan no chance to grow,
For her only home was five minutes ago blown.
That’s what I call Terrorism.
The Land of the Free?
How can it be?
When it’s you responsible for the worlds Calamity.
You claim of justice and Unity,
What are you doing about the world’s poverty?
And Somalia's tragedy?
Kosovo's fatality?
Iraq and their misery?
Please someone answer me?
This government is reaching havoc,
Insisting on Muslims being the savages,
What about Slavery and its damages?
Or to the Natives and their ravages?
Did Terrorism just enter the dictionary?
Now they got "Islam" by that word for scenery!
I can't wait for their lies to come,
So the whole world could know what Islam is really all about.........

Word to my brothers and sisters.:tti_sister: :tti_sister:


Pearl of Islaam

Mashallah it is very beautiful and reflecting poem about state of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the past and in today, SubhanAllah.

May Allah protect our Ummah always. Ameen Ya Rabby, there is no other help except of You.



Nothing but Muslimah
Excellent !!

Masha Allah keep them coming .. :)

May Allah Azzawajal bless you always