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Assalamu alaikum,

After a military Coup toppled the democratically elected government, Mohamed Soltan took part in the Rabaa Square Protests. Although Mohamed Soltan is not a Muslim Brotherhood member, his desire to help and his ability to speak both English and Arabic fluently, led him to becoming the media spokesman dealing with international reporters.

He was a first hand witness when the army took down Rabaa square. On August 14th, he was shot in the arm by an army sniper. As he described it, "I felt like I had been punched in the arm by the hulk." His efforts were not deterred, as he continued to partake in Pro-Democracy protests. On August 25th, police forces arrested Mohamed, along with three other Egyptian youth. He was a sympathizer of the cause that promoted democracy, freedom, and social justice for Egypt. He strongly believed in nonviolence.

At the onset of his detention, Mohamed was moved from prison to prison to ensure that his whereabouts would remain unknown. Once his family was finally able to connect with him, Mohamed informed them of the intense brutality he was facing on a day to day basis while in prison. "The brutality with which I have been treated has been mind boggling. During the day, soldiers and police would get in two straight lines, and we would have to run in between them as they beat us with rocks and sticks. They roused anger amongst the officers by falsely proclaiming that we had killed police officers. The officers stripped off our pants and shirts as they beat us with clubs. They put us in jail cells with what must have been 60 other inmates, and it was terribly hot and water was not made available to us. I saw an inmate suffer a heart attack right before my eyes and not receive proper medical attention. The surgical wound on my arm was open and oozing, and not one of the guards seemed to care because I was labeled a political prisoner." Mohamed Soltan's family is still waiting for answers from the Egyptian authorities. He is facing charges on bizarre, fabricated counts, and awaits the day that he is fully absolved and reunited with his family and friends.

This petition seeks to put pressure on the United States government to demand the Egyptian authorities release their American citizen, Mohamed Soltan.

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DAY 1 of Action :
594 days of waiting. On August 25th, 2013, Mohamed was taken from his home along with three of his friends when security officials did not find his father at home.
Since then, we've waited on every trial for a leaked video, photo, news, letter, etc. We waited to hear the news that one day Mohamed would be released. Watched every trial, in hopes that the Judge would issue his immediate release.
594 days later, Mohamed will be given a sentence by the Egyptian judiciary system. Note that, Mohamed’s father along with thirteen others in the same case, Case 317 , were given the death sentence.
Before April 11th, 2015, The day of the last trial, we want to do all we can to help push for Mohamed’s release.

We will be posting daily about different things that can be done to help raise awareness for Mohamed. Now is the time to go hard.

For Today : Please post a picture of support using the#FreeSoltan on Facebook or twitter. Get creative, help us get peoples attention. Share, and comment on this post if you posted a picture!