randomly opening the quran


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So I've been hearing/reading about this practice of some people randomly opening up the quran to seek answers to whatever questions they have in their mind. my question is, has anyone here ever mentally formulated a question, picked the quran up, opened it at random and sought an answer? if so, how? do you look at the first word your eyes fall on, the first verse your eyes fall on or the whole page? moreover, did such a practice help answer or resolve any of your queries? also, has anyone ever sought an answer to whether their dua will be accepted or not i.e., have you looked for a sign like that from the quran? pls narrate your experiences.

your replies will be considered most instructive. Jazak'Allah!

Abd Al-Ala

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Well, it’s a good practice to randomly open the Quran and suddenly come across a useful verse that deliberately answers our question. See, that’s what the whole purpose of reciting, listening, and referring to Quran always that gives meaning to your life and the solutions for all the problems. When it comes to randomly opening the holy Quran, the very first verse comes across to anyone who has a purpose defined in it and the verse surely teaches something new or brings a solution to a particular issue. There can be a particular way of opening the Quran for seeking relevant answers. Or it can be a random appeal and come across that more imperative verse.