Shaykh an-Najmee Declares Saddam Hussain a Muslim!


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Assalamu alaykum,

This thread showes the real beauty and peace of islam!

If only the whole world could see this

jazaka allahu khayran for this thead



If I am not mistaken Mr. Hussein was executed on the Day of Mercy. A day wherein all sins are forgiven. All one has to do is ask of Allah.
may be saddam is a mueder but it doesn´t mean that he is not a muslim.
he got his punishment in this world.

and allah knows the best whats gona happen with him after death.


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You never know what is in a persons heart. Punishment in this world is xpiation for our sins so there is less in the hereafter inshallah. You dont know what was in saddam's heart, maybe h got really close to Allah and made tawbah big time......allahu alam.......................
Allah forgives lots and lots and lots


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thats interesting but can you possibly imagine trying to get his victims (there were many obviously) who are muslims to send peace to this guy?

he knew he was going to die at this stage (the pic) dont get me wrong, i know Allah is all forgiving and we dont know his fate, but justice for his victims also lies with Allah (swt)...:confused:


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I've had mixed feelings about this.

4 years ago I was a lemming and I believed everything the American President said. Gradually my eyes have opened to the truth.

When Malcolm X preached so strongly against the white man - he wasn't kidding, he was really speaking the truth ( and I am white, so I can say that ! ). The only way he was wrong was his misunderstanding of Islam and his racism, considering all white men evil.

I think Saddam did a lot of wrong and was a tyrant.
The statues of him in Iraq, was definitly un-Islamic for a start.
I often ponder, that the Iraqi Sunnis should have protected their *!*!*!*!e brothers and overthrown Saddam much sooner, rather than wait for america to get involved.

But I also can't help wondering how much lies is mixed with the truth.
Saddam was also building a huge mosque, he died saying shahada.

Allah is best to judge a man, we cannot know now.



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ure right, thats what happened in the Iranian revolution of 1979...the Shah was a blatant puppet just like saddam was but the shias overthrew him...this could have potentially ocurred in Iraq i mean right up to the end of 1978 no one (not even the CIA) belived that Khomeini would return to rule Iran...

i dont understand why there was no revolution in Iraq or was Saddams position inherently stronger than the shah's? if so in what way....i dunno...


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Asalamu alaykum

Till this day i haven't seen the hanging of saddam husein and i hope i will never see it, i thought it was the most inhuman and hateful thing i have ever seen in my whole life.... how he was killed, the time he was killed, and how they show it to the world. i honestly believe that it was Bush and his followers who plan the whole thing especialy the time they hang him....


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he was evil and I'm glad he's gone.

Well there are alot of evil people in the world but i think what Bush is doing to the people of Iraq is evil in the most pure farm, worst then what saddam did to them.

I am not saying that saddam is not evil but i am saying that there are other people who have done worst things then he did so why should he be humiliiate like that???


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No man has been through such a systematic demonization as Saddam has.
The U.S. lied about him several times over throughout a decade to serve their own purposes. And I guess having repeated that lie enough, many people even here are fooled.

Saddam Hussein is a martyr of the ummah, his hereafter is up to Allah, not for our discussion.

But we do know he never left left Iraq with his millions. He could be at some Island resort with more money than he can spend right now.

He never accepted any of the offers given to him. He was asked several times by his American captors that if he would just announce for the resistance in Iraq to stop, they would send him off to live a great life.

No. He stayed in Iraq, and he died for his beliefs. And the resistance in Iraq continues and is ever growing. History will not forget Saddam Hussein, and when the smoke clears up we might see the truth.

For anyone who is still whining about the Kurds or Shiites, they are mostly lies. Here are some good articles:


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:salam2: where did all the kurdish villages from the mountains vanish to? they were incinerated by saddam and there is no doubt about it ive heard first hand accounts and they wernt a figment of imagination either.

ok why did he attack kuwait if he was that noble of heart?

ure right when u say that his hereafter is up to one would dispute that but u cannot disclaim facts nor eyewitness accounts and wash all the blood off his hands FOR him

of course they used him for their 'own purposes' and lied about him...thats normally the sole 'purpose' of a puppet dictator and the saddam played his part well!

no im not fooled, and neither are the rest of us, we take into account the fact that he ALLOWED the western powers to exercise their tyrannical exploits e.g. oil for food programme at the expense of the iraqi people how many children did this kill...u tell me

saddam was powerless to stop the resistance and the american knew it, they werent resisting to get saddam back...

''But we do know he never left left Iraq with his millions. He could be at some Island resort with more money than he can spend right now.''

nah mate! remeber one thing saddam was power hungry...who would he rule over on an island resort...the jelly fish???!

''History will not forget Saddam Hussein''

sure thing dude! neither will we!


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Two thirds of Kuwait is a U.S. military base. Kuwait rightfully belongs to Iraq, it is just a puppet nation from which the west attacks us.

The kurdish villages you're talking about? Gassing would take place after Iranian retreats, there was a WAR between Iraq and Iran. Weapons used were known to be in Iranian possession.

Prove to me that Saddam "incinerated" Kurdish villages, because it is not difficult to parrot a lie. Did you look at the link I posted?

And Saddam was indeed given offers by the Americans. His biggest "fault" was not succumbing to the U.S. and Israel, he never did and he died for it.

I'm not going to argue with you. I just urge everyone to rethink what this conflict is all about. Most of us agree that Americans lied about all these different things, and yet we believe what they say about Saddam? Look at some of the articles in


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About Kuwait i dont know but it seems wrong to kill muslims in the brutal way that it happened in 1990. we agree on more than we disagree on btw.

no i dont believe what THEY say about saddam otherwise i would have believed he was an amazing compassionate ruler just because he did everything they told him to...i have always believed saddams rule was unjust not only when they began to say it in the past few years back to get their hands on the oil.

During the eight year war between Iraq and Iran BOTH sides were supplied with weapons from the US and both sides used them, and the burning of the villages...someone i know saw it happen and he was only a kid at the time and he only survived it becasue he pretended to be dead and they didnt waste a bullet on a 'dead' kid.

its one thing NOT succombing to external powers but its another actually standing up to them which nobody is prepared to do... pls hes no hero or something, he no better better than all the other rulers like Busharraf of pakistan!

they took him out of iraq becasue they wernt getting enough out of the place not because saddam was serious threat to anyone (xept his own people of course...but hey who cares about them!)

Saddam was no worst than all the other leaders i just have a real problem with u referring to him with such respect and admiration...did u know he idealised stalin...thats who saddam wanted to be like he admired him.

ok ill look at the links i confess that i had not but u must look at this book by a journalist called Robert Fisk its an amazingly powerful book on the Middle East and essential for anyone who wants trustworthy information from someone who was an eyewitness

'The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East'
try Amazon u wont regret it.



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many children did this kill...u tell me

Between 500.000 and a million

UNICEF has put the number of child deaths resulting from these sanctions at 500,000 while other reports mention numbers up to a million. However, when Madeleine Albright (then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations) was presented with the figure of half a million children under five having died from the sanctions she infamously replied ‘we think the price is worth it’. Global Policy Forum a non-profit organization, with consultative status at the UN reported:

Civilian suffering in Iraq is not an unexpected collateral effect, but a predictable result of the sanctions policy. Security Council members have received warnings of the humanitarian emergency in Iraq and the damage done by sanctions since shortly after the Gulf War. Warnings have come from three Secretary Generals, many UN officials and agencies including UNICEF, WHO and WFP, and two Humanitarian Coordinators who have resigned in protest. A Select Committee of the UK House of Commons offered a very negative judgment as well.

However the sanctions were not the sole cause of human suffering in Iraq. The same report suggests:

The government of Iraq bears a heavy burden of responsibility due to the wars it has started, its lack of cooperation with the Security Council, its domestic repression, and its failure to use limited resources fairly.

I think read this threat but I still think Sadam was a horrible leader. I hope he has repented for his wrongs mended his relationship with God before he died. God knows best and there is no good in condemning a dead man. But people still need to know about his evil deeds to learn how wrong it was but also to give respect to his innocent victims. This not to demonize or condemn him because we can not condemn who God has chosen to forgive but we must remember his deeds. The good and the evil.



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Tru Saddam was not worse than Bush or Stalin but this is bad enough:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent samples directly to several Iraqi sites that U.N. weapons inspectors determined were part of Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons program, CDC and congressional records from the early 1990s show.

It goes on

… The CDC and a biological sample company, the American Type Culture Collection, sent strains of all the germs Iraq used to make weapons, including anthrax, the bacteria that make botulinum toxin and the germs that cause gas gangrene, the records show. Iraq also got samples of other deadly pathogens, including the West Nile virus.

The transfers came in the 1980s, when the United States supported Iraq in its war against Iran. They were detailed in a 1994 Senate Banking Committee report and a 1995 follow-up letter from the CDC to the Senate.

And more

… Invoices included in the documents read like shopping lists for biological weapons programs. One 1986 shipment from the Virginia-based American Type Culture Collection included three strains of anthrax, six strains of the bacteria that make botulinum toxin and three strains of the bacteria that cause gas gangrene. Iraq later admitted to the United Nations that it had made weapons out of all three.

Using this stuff on Gods creation is not right, will never be right not if America, Iran or Iraq uses it. Let the man rest in peace but please dont forget.

One perfect love


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No ,no ,
Salam Alaikoum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuhu.

Dear brother ,
Let me explain you something :
First All prayer are to Allah Who send us Mohammed withthe truth the Coran and The Sunnah .
I read attentively your comment about Saddam Hocine , and Yes I think he was died as muslim because just before hanging he Sais the Chahada .
But Saddam Hussein was a Criminal , He killed a lot of peoples and didn't take care about his people and unfortunately the actual situation of Iraq is due to his regime and to him .
Of course , he has developed his country by love for her but his perversity lead him to a true disaster . and Why ?? Because he hasn't governed with Coran and Sunnah and without Baraka from Allah , you stay sometime well but the harm follow and stay often for long time to human .

Remember Allah says in Sourat Ibrahim : Don't believe Allah isn't taking care about the unfairs peoples 's actions ...

He didn't teach to his people the true way of Islam and he left them to wander in differents sects (Shiite , Kharijite etc...) .

The result is unfortunelly what we are watching evry day on Tv at each breaking news .

It is Allah Who gives all good things to his believers but the Harm we reach it from our own sins our mistake .

It is exactly what was hapened in Iraq and In Algeria before and the list is very very long

Allahou ma Ghafir lana wa Hafidhna wa Ahdina li Siratik moustaquim.Amin

I am sorry but my english is hesitant , but I hope I have explained correctly my opinion .
Thank 's
Salam Alikoum


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True brother I believe what you say Saddam has not taken care of his people like he should have but he is killed now and not in a decent way so I also agree with the other brothers who say we should let him rest in peace and led God decide. And focus on the other monstrouse regime that is causing trouble in Iraq now. Dont know enough about it but i'm afraid Iraqi people fell for the divide and rule policies of US and UK. Really hope Iraq government doesnt turn out to be a straw of which Europe and the US can such the country dry...While they slaughter their self a few people in are cashing in...But then i've recently heard some of the bombs going of killing civilians are done by the americans themself to turn public opinion against the insurgency...Anybody know about that?


Long Live Palestine
We hear very much about the "crimes" of Saddam (I'm not denying or affirming such crimes), but what the media never tells u is that:

-He compensated Palestenian families for every house the Israelis destroyed or confiscated.
-He used to give annual/monthly salary to the family of Martyrs in Palestine.
-He built houses in Iraq for immigrant Palestenians and gave them to Palestenians for free, and facilitated lots of things for them; I guess u know now that the Palestenians Saddam once embraced are now starving, expelled by terrorists, at the borders of neighboring countries.

The points above are not myths, because although I live in Jordan, I'm from a palestenian origin and know how palestenians extremely adore Saddam and how they demostrated sadly after his sentence.

After all, Allah alone knows if he was sincere in his repentance, and to Allah alone belongs the ultimate ability to know the heart and forgive.


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Dear Brothers/sisters Salam Alaikoum Jami3a,

You ' re right , Saddam was a great arab nationalist and he has done oif good thing , Iraq was the first and the lone Arab country that reached a total foods independency .
Concerning the palestinian help your arguments are debatable .

-He compensated Palestenian families for every house the Israelis destroyed or confiscated.: Yes, It is a very good thing i agree totaly .
--He used to give annual/monthly salary to the family of Martyrs in Palestine.
for this point , What are the palestinians martyrs ? Sheykh al Uthamine (God rest his soul). said about the suicide bombing , and he has disapproved this technic.Ihave this Fatawas but it is in french I can send you it but I need your mail box .
On this case I can say : Instead of give money to some peoples that died in suicide bombing It would be better to give this money in order to teach them how to behave during this ordeal.

Iam Algerian and I live in france , believe me all Algerian people want to help and is palestenian causes but ourselves we are in trouble with our own dirigent .
But we do du3as evry day and evry friday prayers for palestinians .

Jazaik Allah Khayran .
Salam Alik