signatures made by (me)


~Salam to all!

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

i didnt know where to post this thread ...but i just wanted to share these signatures ive made with u all ...i know they are not so WOW ...but im just learning ... & i didnt want to make all arabic siggys because some brothers & sisters are beginners in arabic so they may not be able to understand ...i can make more signatures with more dua & athkar ..but i wanted to hear opinions & criticizim first ..with bearing in mind im just a beginner in designing & stuff ...thats all :)



Dear sister,
I think they are very good pieces of work!Keep up on those great work sister!

Well Done!

:tti_sister:May Allah swt reward you for your kind thought~Amin!

~Happy weekend!
Take Care!
Thank you,

~Wassalam :)


Seeking allah
walikum salaam sister
these are lovely I used to ply around in psp with signature animations .... I would love one for TTI avatar ....

keep up the good work