Girlyyy sports question


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What kind of work outs or sports do you do dear sisters?
I've been a little lazy mast years ahum :D
I'm looking for something i can do .. there is no gym here without men, i don't want to run outside with my hijab so not too many options..

any ideas?

sister herb

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I like walking. It´s easier to do outside with hijab than running. I like specially walking which is called as "Nordic Walking".

If there isn´t any gym only for ladies, you can do some exercise also at home.

I don´t send here links but ask from google some tips as "exercise at home without equipment".


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I love exercise,,, follow videos on you tube, some trainers post different workout videos daily


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I still don't play any sport. To be honest, I'm just very lazy. The only sport I have anything to do with is sports betting. I read a lot of information on , I try to understand the forecasts and all that. It's a bit difficult for me, but I want to make money from it, so I try to devote time to betting every day.