Subhan Allah,They had the most happiest face!


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu-llahi wa barakatuhu

i hope that everyone is in their best state of Eeman and health and having nice time in Ramadan, inshaa'Allah

alhamdu li Allah I', having nice time here in Finland.
i've got senior brothers form my country and having Jamah in prayers regularly,iftar and dinner all together sometimes. as we dont have mosque near, so we make Jamah and I'mleading the tarawee here, alhamdu li Allah, may Allah accept our prayers.

anyways, as the days are going on, and I'm loving Finland.
Alhamdu li Allah, as you all know, Finland is very good at consuming alcohol and cigarettes. andthe environment is not islamic, yet whe I meet Muslims here, alhamdu li Allah, it pleases me a lot.

last friday, when i was there in city for Jumuah prayers, I met a Finnish revert Muslim, new i guess, alhamdu li Allah. he was very nice and he was giving salam to everyone like he was selling salam....he was giving salam to every single person there, and he was asking for duas also. that made me cry, subhan Allah. and he had the most happiest face, among the all finnish ppl I've seen, he had a glow in his face and was modest.

today I was in an Iraqi shop and was looking for beef salami, but the Iraqi guy doesnt know English, and then there was a Muslim lady, I gave her salam and she replied with smile and as I asked for her help, she responded with kindness and she also had the happiest face, subhan Allah. she also recommended me which one is better. she was Finnish and she was the modest women i saw in Finland.

alhamdu li Allah, i must say they have got the widest smile and something soothing in their behavior, as far I've seen ppl here, subhan Allah.

when I was in my 2days in Finland, I was thinking that is this unislamic culture
fit for me to reside, after seeing them I've got courage, and alhamdu li Allah, after seeing them I've come to know, that atleast I'll be able to live here till my studies end.
I regularly visit TTI, and it never let me think alone.

Muslims are the best, but the disbelievers dont see!!

may Allah protect our eeman
JazakAllahu khair

sister herb

Official TTI Chef

It is nice if you have found my country comfortable place to stay and study. As you know, Finnish reverts have lived before with this unislamic culture (and many have lived before different life with those basic sins of Finnish people like drinking and smoking) but after finding Islam they feel they have got real gift from Allah and really enjoy about islamic style of live and believe.

Also many hope that foreign muslims would feel themselves comfortable in here. Also our behaving is many times best way to show to others (non-muslims) what Islam really is and make them interesting about it.


I wish you success with your studies and blessed last days of Ramadan.

your sister in Islam from Finland
sister Harb

Seeking Allah's Mercy

Qul HuwaAllahu Ahud!
:salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

this is kind of old,but i just felt happy to know muslims are a family no matter where they are:)

jazakallah khair for sharing your experiences!!