Surah Ar Rahman App with Translation (Android and iOS)


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There is a total of 114 Surahs in the Holy book Quran Kareem. All the Surahs of the holy Quran have their own importance, however, Surah Ar Rahman is very important Surahas of the Quran. In this Surah, Allah has reminded of the blessings on Man and Jinn. This is very interesting Surahs to listen to and to learn its translation. Some Non-Muslims have accepted Islam after listening and understanding this Surah. Here is a gift from Quran Reading Academy, in the form of a mobile application named as Surah Rahman.


There are following features of Surah Rahman App;

- A Free Gift for Everyone – This is the free gift to everyone including Non-Muslims. There is not only the Arabic text, but English translation and transliteration is also available in this application. We do not charge anything for the use of this cell phone application.

- Customize and Prioritize your App – In this application, general text and background may also be changed. The options of translation and transliteration may also be turned on and turned off. You may change the application to some extend meeting your own priorities and interest.

- Share it and Get Rewards – You may share it with other people and get rewards from Allah. The more and more people use and learn it, the more rewards will be obtained by you from Allah. The medium of sharing are many, including facebook, twitter, Gmail and direct methods like messages, Wi-Fi etc.

- Help on Use of Application – If you are unsure about how to use this application, you may go to “benefits and blessings” section, the detailed information on how to use this application may be obtained by clicking on it.