Thank you TTI

Aisha hussain..

seeking knowledge
Im so thank full to Allah first then to this team

before TTI i use to practise Islam but so strictly yse 2 listen to music watch moveis i use to wear hijab but not the full veil on my face the only thing i use to do safe myself from shirk and pray regularly

atfa joinig TTI it is my 5th day in TTI i already stopped listenning to music started wear veil on my face praying more regularlly :mashallah:

i respect my parents more than ever

my heart is in peace :SMILY252:

i pray to Allah that he guides me more to Islam and bless this site so it grows more helping people revert and gain religious knowledge



Left long ago
:wasalam: dear sister,

Masha Allah !!! I am really happy to know that. may Allah reward everyone for the effective contribution and May Allah reward you abundantly.

Jazaki Allah khayra for sharing with us your experience. Certainly it is encouraging for those who have been running and participating here. SubhanAllah.

May HE guide us all on the way whcih ultimately leads to HIMSELF and to paradise. Ameen.



Logical Believer
same is with me, i have addicted to TTI, i have abandoned listening to music in just 3 days after joining the TTI. furthermore i only visit TTI and Facebook. i don't open any other site, it is thanks to Allah that i found TTI and good and pious people here ,

thanks u all.


Pearl of Islaam

Mashallah dear sister. It is so nice to hear your feelings and your love towerd Islaam and wish to be better Muslimah. mashallah.:tti_sister:

Yes Alhamdulilah, our TTI is really great:SMILY252:, especaily our TTI family:)

May Allah bless you sister and Inshallah more our sisters and brothers will come here to learn about Islaam.