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The best stories for children are in the Quran, no doubt about it. The Quran is filled with beautiful narratives that carry so many lessons for our children - of all ages - to learn from. Stories that go beyond time and place and will allow them to grow in their deen and face the challenges of this world, as well as prepare for the Afterlife insha'Allah. But until our children are able to understand the Quran on their own, even with a translation, they will need some help to make sense of the unparalleled Speech of their Lord. This is why so many children's authors have made it their mission to make those stories accessible to young minds and, at the same time, allow parents to find reliable sources to use for story time, at home or at school. Because the Quran can be difficult for us, adults, to grasp as well, right?

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We have partnered with Madinah Media Bookstore in this article to bring you some of the best Islamic stories for kids, masha'Allah! This list is not meant to be exhaustive as there are so many more out there, nor is it meant to be any sort of ranking - numbers are just for format purposes :)

Madinah Media offers some excellent ideas for you to consider and order for your children. All of the recommended books have been highly-reviewed and feature stories that are precisely as they were in the Quran, as well as stunning artwork that will inspire your children to continue reading.

Stories Of The Prophets (AS)

1. 101 Quran Stories And Dua

Each narrative is accompanied by beautiful graphics and prayer (dua). To name a few, the book contains well-known stories of the Prophet Adam, the Prophet Yusuf, the Prophet Yunus, and the Prophet Muhammad, the last Messenger of Allah, peace be upon them all.

2. 365 Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Stories

365 Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Stories is a beautifully illustrated collection of 365 outstanding seerah stories that take kids on a day-by-day journey through the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. It provides a lively and historical overview of the Prophet (PBUH) as a man, whose life and teachings are cherished, valued, and respected by people all over the world.

3. Bedtime Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Stories

Bedtime stories are a beloved pastime among children. Why not read them a bedtime story that educates them about our wonderful Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

This book tells amazing anecdotes of how Islam spread in Mecca. It is intended for kids aged 7 and above, and it invites them to study the lesson of the Prophet's (PBUH) life for themselves, as well as to build their own means of implementing the Prophet's (PBUH) eternal lessons to their own lives.

4. The Ark of Nuh (AS)

Teach your children about Allah's affection for believers as well as the harshness of His retribution on those who reject His Message. The Ark of Nuh (AS) is a beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written story about Prophet Nuh (Noah, peace be upon him) that will fascinate children before bedtime.

5. The Story Of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

This book draws children's attention to one of the most fascinating episodes in Islamic history by telling the wonderful narrative of Prophet Yusuf (AS). The Prophet Yusuf (AS) English series is an excellent approach to teach your children about him and his brothers.

6. Prophet Ibrahim's (AS) Search For Allah

This beautifully drawn book tells the story of Prophet Ibrahim's (AS) quest to find Allah. It motivates children to ponder and concentrate in order to find solutions. The book also covers the narrative behind Eid ul-Adha and the story of Prophet Ibrahim's (AS) sacrifice.

7. Tale Of A Fish

To young readers, this book relates the story of Prophet Yunus (Jonah, peace be upon him) and the whale. As a consequence of this captivating story, your children will grasp the value of spreading Allah's Word to all and trusting in Him at all times. The story will also stimulate their curiosity in imagining Prophet Yunus (AS) in a whale's belly.

8. The Miraculous Baby

The Miraculous Baby is a superbly written and beautifully illustrated story about Prophet Isa (Jesus, peace be upon him). The narrative is based on his life as it is described in the Holy Quran. Order it now to teach your children about Islam's penultimate prophet.

9. The Prophet Hud (AS) And The Storm

The Prophet Hud (AS) and the Storm is a beautifully written and drawn story about Prophet Hud (AS) and the people of 'Aad. The lesson of this story is that neglecting to thank Allah for whatever He has given us may result in Him taking it all away.

10. The Story Of The Prophet Musa (AS)

This book is suitable for children aged five and above. Through puzzles, children are exposed to the famous narrative of Prophet Musa (AS) and the Pharaoh, as well as other essential historical and scientific knowledge. The puzzles are not only unique and amusing, but they are also educational, helping kids to quickly grasp the meaning of the Quran.