The Prophet's (SAW) Companions


Slave of Allah (SWT)
The Prophet's Companions
By Abu Khalid​

Were you there in times far gone,
When girls were buried for being born?
When disgrace was your fate for being poor,
And blood was shed to settle a score.

Were you there in times gone past,
When honour came from time or caste?
When idols of stone were worshipped in pride,
And peoples hearts were hard inside.

Did you witness their evil plight?
The Prophet they tried to kill at night.
The men they tortured for saying a word,
That changed humanity, whole nations it stirred.

Were you there in the valley for years,
A diet consisting of water and leaves.
Banished to pay for daring to speak,
Fear of Islam was reaching its peak.

Were you there in the cave crouched down,
The enemy close and hunting around?
Only protected by a web and a bird,
Oh but indeed, Allah was their third!

Did you see the day they fought,
3 camels and men whose experience was naught?
Yet bravely they battled against their own kin,
So they were forgiven, and made to win.

Did you witness the men that day,
Who threatened the Kings to surrender or pay?
Persia and Rome had trembled indeed,
They knew they came for Allah, not greed.

Were you there to count the dead,
The Prophet had died and Fitnah had spread.
United they stood and fought those astray,
And spread Islam far, far away.

Were you there in times of old,
Or have you only just been told?
The men of honest acts and intentions,
That's why they're called the Prophet's Companions.​