The Remembrance Of Death

Oem Qaasiem

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Weeping from the Fear of Allaah
- by Shaykh Husayn al-'Awaayishah,
rahimahu-Allaah -​

al-Hamdulillâhi Rabbi l-'Aalamîn, was-Salâtu was-Salâmu 'ala l-Haadi l-Aameen, Rasûlin 'âlaminah wa l-Umiyyîn.. al-Mursalâti rahmatan li l-'Âlamîn...

There is no doubt that death ends the delights and pleasure of this life, as the Messenger of Allaah sal-Allaahu 'alayhi wa-salaam has told us:

"Increase in your remembrance of the destroyer of pleasures (ie. death). For verily, one who remembers it when enduring the hardships of like, it widens for him (ie. he no longer feels overburdened with the hardships he is experiencing). Whenever one remembers it at times of opulence, it will cause him to feel restricted and burdened (ie. he will not then be too involved with this life and will start to reflect on the serious and heavy matters awaiting him)".[1]

The pleasures are what prevent a tear to be shed, nor any sadness and grief to be felt by the heart. So increase in your remembrance of death, in an attempt to feel the terrors and horrors that will follow it, out of fear of Allaah. Indeed this is easy for the one whom Allaah wishes to make it easy for.


[1] This was reported by an-Nasaa`ee, at-Tirmidi, Ibn Majaah and others. at-Tirmidhi said it was hasan ghareeb. But, Shaykh Albaani said it was sahih, as there were many witnesses.


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we should always remember the death ad the Day of Judgment. the fear will make us on the right path. and this thing saves us from being on the way of hell.


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if we keep in mind the day of judgment then we will have fear in our hearts and do the best to make our lives perfect according to Allah.