We're Not Promised Tomorrow


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We’re Not Promised Tomorrow!

We’re not promised tomorrow.
We’re not promised today.
We’re not even promised the next second away.
One minute we’re here, the next minute we may be gone.
We don’t have to have done anything wrong.
The lord can call you back, it’s to Allah we shall return.
We must stay on the right track, or in the fire we will burn.

Don’t wait until the last moment, when death is in your face.
Time is but a token, so don’t let it go to waste.
No sinner can run, no sinner can hide.
Don’t think you’ll live forever, don’t have that much pride.

When Allah calls your name, it is not a game.
Don’t play with your life, you should be ashamed.
Allah can call you back, at any given time.
You need to be ready with a clean heart, soul and mind.

Oh Almighty!
We truly hear your call.
Please forgive, the sin in us all.
Protect us from the fire and the horrors of the grave.
For we tried to live as your devoted slave.

We need you Lord near us,
Bring us nearer to you.
When you call us back,
We know our job here is through.
We need your forgiveness, and we need your mercy,
For this may be our Last and final Plea.

By Sister Jamillah Abdul Kareem 2005
Just to make clear that the tomorrow I am addressing here is in this life.( the calendar day). Allah is Rubil Al Amin. The tomorrow in another world is eternity. This is just to reflect in this life. It's to late to reflect in the next. You can not come back and fix anything. Prepare for death, and remember death often. Salaams


Thanks, Jamillah

May Allah bless you and be rewarded
Tomorrow is promised for who follow the right path
Ameen we all be there



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salam>barak ALLAHU fek sister wajazake khayer>>.i love diz poem i love all death poems thnx for sharing>>>>>>>.ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR