what if this happened in muslim country ?


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If this happen in a muslim country my wish is to bring this man to justice.

the bad and the good may happen wherever in this earth.

Abdul Hasib

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Man that guy would've gotten hmm let's say:

Lashed 100 times



Brought in chains on the streets, he would be known as the one who has commited Zinah, and then evryone would come over and kick and beat him, and he'd have his eyes blindfolded.

I'd beat the hell out of him if I saw him though. And he shall be given his amount in full on Qiyamaat! Everyone shall be given thier amounts in full! The ones who have done rightous shall be in gardens of bliss and beauty, and they will saty happy for eternity, while those who have done evil shall be given their aount in full, and for them there is a great tormet! And there is none that can save us from the torment of Jahanam and the Torment of living a Haraam life, except for Allah Ta Alla, and he guides who he wills, and whoevr he guides, none can msiguide him (the person), and whoever he lets to be misguided, there is a seal over hsi heart, and none can guide him to the straight path!

-Bits from Quran Ayats

Asslamau Alkyum.


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I'd tie him down and slapped him till my hand hurts and come back tomorrow and tomorrow again till the day when god takes my life, but that's just me.


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:salam2:now this is the case seems to be done by a a mentally retarded person, this is because only islam has the satisfaction nothing else

warda A


That man was not mentally retarded, he planned everything, that high tech room and all.
His punishment would be, he would hanged, he deserves worse than that but he will get what Allah Ta'ala decides.
Allah knows best
we are speculating what kind of judgment he will get.
is it not haram, to speculate?

Al Qassimi

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It depends on the Muslim Country if you ask me. Considering that some Muslim country do not actually follow the Sharia law to the fullest.