What's your degree or education background?


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Salam Oualekoum Sisters and Brothers!!!

I've created this thread just to have a little overview of the different degrees or knowledge the members of this site have. I think some of you study law, science, medecine,mathematics, history, or religion (MashAllah) etc...

The Qu'ran is a incredible Book that deals with History, Law, Economics, Science, Geology, Biology, Sociology, Theology etc that's why I think our community must do the same. Allah wants us all, males and females, to seek knowledge, to learn, because the more we understand the world we live in, the more we know Allah, and the more we love Him INSH ALLAH!!!

So I'm going first :

I'm an Telecommunication Engineer, I started working a year ago after graduating with a master degree of science and telecommunication. I thank God for this.

May Allah guide us all.

Mohammad Toseef

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have no degree

salaam to all
i am will be 16 shortly Inshallah...so i havent got any degree yet...but right now i am halfway through my GCSEs in england that are kind of equal to the junior high school. .....i am trying to go into the field of Medicine Inshallah because i want to explore in depth how did Allah swt made all the human beings with such complexity that HE only knows............and then it wud be nice to serve the ummah and the humanity as a doctor or an intellecutal person

so plz pray for me everyone
JAzakallah khair


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I currently have a two year (Associate's in Applied Science) degree in Computer Networking and I am currently working on my four year bachelor's degree in the same field. Insh' Allah I will finish the four year degree within the next couple years because I am only doing this part time now and working full time at an Internet service provider. We are currently working on the creating the largest wifi network in the US and second largest in the world! So much knowledge to be had!! Alhamdullilah!! In my spare time outside of school, work and taking care of my daughter I study various books on Islam to increase my knowledge there as well. Insh' Allah my brain can take all this information in! :hijabi:



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Salam - I have a BS in Business Administration, with an education concentration. I have about 1/4 of a graduate degree in Education. I have 6 certifications from Microsoft in it's MS Office applications. I have been a business/computer teacher for 10 years, teaching everyone from age 3 to 67 at one point or another.

If I had the opportunity, I would be a full-time, life-long student - I love to read and study and learn. The history channel, Discovery channel, animal planet, and others like those are my favorite channels to watch on TV.

And for the 12-step program....

Hello, my name is Lana, and I am a computer geek and book-smart nerd.




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Hello you, computer geek

Let's keep in touch, 'coz I work for a little start up, and I travel a lot in the US to promote and represent the company!!

So if i need some help, i know who to call now lol


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Mash Allah for every one who s seeking the path of the knowledge. May I also add with no particular reference to this thread but let s say in general that Allah Loves humility, ..then, whatever we do study next to the Quran el kareem, should we not forget that our main duty is to improve in Allah s knowledge , our identity is to be muslim, Allah Wants us to search, to be avid of learning, to teach and spread every think that may help the human being to go out this ignorance and this desperate ildleness we ve to be interested, opened, creative, ambitious, cultured...dialectically, humbleness is a necessair duty cause Allah Don't like the arrogants..

May Allah always Show us the right way to be, ameen


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Are you sure sister, there is no reference to this thread, really ? really? lol

Even though I totally agree with you, muslims should not show any arrogance but humility, and humbleness!

This thread was NOT meant to exhibit degrees, diplomas or jobs of any kind, but to show how open minded, and creative this community is, MashAllah!!!

No hard feelings, i just needed to make it clear!

May Allah guide us all, inshallah !!!


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I really didn't mean that at all, I cleared that up just in the case that other ppl wouldn't understand the interest..don't forget I answered to ur question exposing my own degree level too lol:confused: . Yet, these introductions made me think about the word "humility" in itself and I really really don't see any pb to show that up, we ll never say it enough ..Yes, mashaAllahhhhhh to all of us and dot if u allow:shymuslima1:

( je ne faisais aucune allusion aucune à qui que ce soit bien au contraire, ceci dit, je me suis plûe à rappeler à quel point il est louable de rester humble en tte circonstance et je le dis peut être maladroitement, thrs est-il que je l ai ressenti non pa dans les lectures et présentations des uns et autres mais juste pour reprendre le modèle exceptionnellement humble et modeste de notre prophète SAW...l endroit n était peut-être pas très judicieux, j' assume:redface:

wa salaam


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Salam - but where is the line drawn between being proud of one's accomplishments and "bragging"? I personally am proud of the fact that I have my degrees and certifications - I believe it says something about me as a person. I am also very thankful to God for giving me intelligence and the opportunity to capitalize on my intelligence. A person can be both proud and thankful. I do not mean that a person should be going around bragging and being boastful, but that they should be happy for the rewards of their hard work.

My humble opinion,



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no one told u not to be proud .. a little bit difference betwen pride and arrogance, u re right to be proud noone would contest it, this is the way u go ahead and that gave us all strenght to have the desire to make more ...

I definitevely shouldnt ve talk about that subject here lol..everyone reports it to its own person instead of understanding in a whole interest.....

be proud my dear always, humilty has nothing to contest to pride lol

wa salaam



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Aucun souci, je te rassure!!! Mais en fait, même moi en relisant le sujet, tu m'as peut être mis un doute, et je ne voulais pas que quique ce soit y voit une quelconque arrogance.

Par contre, si on continue à discuter en français, là on va nous trouver arrogant loooool

En tout cas, j'apprécie ton ouverture d'esprit et le fait que tu n'aies pas pris betement la mouche!!!

Bon, on se remet en version anglaise avant de recevoir des tomates.

Everything is alright sister, i never meant that you meant that i meant to be arrogant!!

Am I clear?

Wa salam


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pride .... be pride when facing the enemies of allah

:salam2: Pride, as the teaching of the Islam and as "Lokman" advised his son not to walk on earth with great joy or spitefulness, which he meant pride... As he knew such thing will end in a fall. Yet, for the enemies of the Islam ..; we have to walk with the head up...and never lower it. :salah​


Signing Out.....

Do not worry Deylan and Shadykan, no one will throw tomatoes at you for speaking french:)
It doesn't make you look arrogant if you speak french, it makes US suspicious:)


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I think a little bit difference in opinion clears and sorts out everything later when we discuss, as confusion is brought by the shaitan.Anyway brothers and sisters I am very happy to learn that we as muslims are so much talented and possess so much that we really can work for the muslim ummah for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala.
I am doing my graduation in Aeronautical Engineering, and Insha Allah will finish by summer 2008.I have got lots of plans to work for Islam and for the muslims.I am a volunteer in Islamic Organisation and also work with the muslim youth discussing their problems.
I plan to do MBA after completing my graduation.
walaikum as salam wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu


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Asslam o Alaikum
I m Qumer from Pakistan, have a BS degree in Computer Science and also doing my MS in Computer. I have been working with a software company since March 2004. Alhamdolillah