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    Unveiling women in Somalia

    My Dear Fardowas, This not propaganda, its true and unfortunate that this time of age such think happens in Somalia. It is sad to see someone like you come online and take the time to post such message... it is your duties to standup for your fellow sisters. Next time please don't be to quick...
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    O Somalia, Land of Islam!

    You know, let me begin by saying that the world has become used to what is called “targeted assassinations” -- in Gaza by Israel, in Afghanistan by NATO, and in Iraq, as well. But let us be clear that all such attacks are illegal under international law. No one has been identified and tried and...
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    Bush goes native ...

    Wasallamu Alekum Warahmatullahi, The source about Bush wants to create a new "Africa Command" to put a stronger military presence in Africa which he justified this idea as follows. "Africa Command will enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of Africa and promote our...
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    Thinking of converting

    Welcom Sister Sonya, I pray to Allah that you and your family are in good health. I ask Allah to make it easy in your journey to Islam.
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    Is Somalia Dangerous?

    WaSalamu Alekum Warahmatullahi. U.S. Gov't Resumes Somali-Language Radio Programs The U.S. government is resuming broadcasts today of Somali-language programs in the Horn of Africa for the first time in 13 years. VOA news broadcast which is use as tool for the U.S. to disseminate...
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    Female Names

    Hidaia It means gift
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    $$$$$$$$ $$$$ How much does Iraq worth to US Goverment.

    Hot tubs in Iraq? Probe uncovers millions, maybe billions of dollars in fraud in Iraq funding. Money that was earmarked for Iraq reconstruction has been misdirected and stolen, some of it for jewels and SUVs. Paul McNulty reported that two defendants even went so far as to use the money...
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    Follow up to Leaving Islam question

    Wasallamu Alekum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatum May Allah Almighty grant success to all of his believing worshippers in the different lands, and we ask Allah to grant us understanding in the religion and steadfastness upon it, as well as sincerity in speech and deeds. Indeed Allah is able to...
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    Bush goes native ...

    Does he really have to put his hand in EVERYONE'S cookie jar?
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    $$$$$$$$ $$$$ How much does Iraq worth to US Goverment.

    Asalamu Alekum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatum My Dear Brothers and Sisters Would you ship 363 TONS of money---CASH (green pieces of paper with Presidents' pictures on them)---into an unstable war zone? Bush and Cheney authorized US Government to ship CASH Bills weighing a total of 363...
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    Bush goes native ...

    Asalamu Alekum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatum Dear Brother and Sisters, Here is the latest project which GWB is planning. Bush wants to create a new "Africa Command" to put a stronger military presence in Africa. He justified this idea as follows: "Africa Command will enhance our...
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    A lot of Cool Animations for your Mobile Phone

    I too have downloaded, Jazakalhum qayr
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    Where do you live?

    Leesburg, Virginia
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    Mercenaries in Iraq

    Ppresident Bush relies on thousands of private soldiers with little oversight, a disturbing example of the military-industrial complex. As President Bush took the podium to deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday, there were five American families receiving news that has become all too...
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    Sorry Next Letter was G not N Gary, Indiana