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    WELCOME ^_^
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    Don't make fun of my beard!

    Super true. I can admit that when I was a little younger and dumber I use to believe men with beards were unclean and shaggy looking. I always equated it with something negative. Now I believe men just aren't men without a beard (no offense tho) just like a women is not complete without the...
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    I just don't get it ....

    My thoughts exactly....
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    Husband / Wife (Something interesting I found Online)

    Lol...agreed. But I agree with this.... it's not valuable information and information like that should be concealed.... Even still it's a heck of a lot easier for the man to have his known past sins forgiven as opposed to us women once they choose to clean up their act that is. Sad reality...
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    Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend?

    That's beautiful. Wish every Muslim women could be as fortunate to read this.
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    If Gay People stop being Gay and become Straight People ?

    Not all for the gay cause's this relevant?
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    Is "courtship" permissible in our deen?

    Is it permissible for a woman to speak with a man before marriage? Or vice versa? What I mean by talking is getting to know the person before you decide to marry them...(texting, talking on the phone, meeting in person,etc....) Basically is courtship permissible in Islam? Is this something the...
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    Lost and confused

    True. Was thinking the same thing...kind of awkward statement to make.
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    Lost and confused

    Good on you to realize you have problems and need to tackle them. Most people live their whole lives continuing doing things they know they shouldn't be doing or have problems they never care to adress. You're only 16 and a convert and realize that. (side note- don't let it get to your head :P)...
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    "Liam Neeson is considering converting to Islam"

    A lot of people consider converting to Islam. Why put so much more attention on him? Is it his celebrity status maybe...dunno....but all I'm saying is the sky still stays blue regardless...
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    I Really Miss You...:(

    Lol. I feel bad I wanted to message you on FB or tell Anisa :D
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    What is so bad about having sex?

    Exactly my thoughts! When you hear/see non-muslims getting married when they were already living together/sleeping together it's like whaaaaaat? So backwards...doesn't make any sense to me. Especially when there's already children in the picture...kind of like Brad/Angelina...they have like 7...
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    Go Giants

    My sister and me only like the superbowl for the commercials. But the commercials are mostly awkward and have semi-nude women. :@
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    I Really Miss You...:(

    My sister is close freinds with sis Palestine and we met in person too. Need to remind her to get back on here lol. And I know what you mean about missing the old TTI users. I miss the old users, old layout, and old topics too. It was so chill here and everyone got along! I miss the old days....
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    Amazing Swahili girl shocks the TV presenter

    I wish they had ENG sub. This little girl is to cute Masha'Allah. I wish I was like her when I was her age! Amazing stuff right here. Kenya represent! :)