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  • to you sis alf2 and sis below i'd say seek answers from Quran:)considering you don't pay much to fatwas:)

    sis alf2 read surah al mumtahina inshallah you'll get guidance as to was is the right's kinda about ppl in you's not vey long either:)

    best wishes ukhti.

    mayALLAH guide your husband.ameen
    Salaam Sister, I tried to private message you but it seems you have it blocked. I just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of people on here who are very knowledgable but also a lot of people who are very strict and only see things on terms of BLACK and WHITE. I hope you will not let this discourage you in your faith and situation. People's perspectives on here often get too much for me and I have to take very long breaks from the site. I hope Allah gives you clarity.
    :wasalam:rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:)

    aww sis don't mention it:)considering i'm always late in replying meself:eek:sorry.......was busy:eek:

    yeah!!:jumpclap:i'll put the second here too;)

    :lol:really!!!man sis guess what i'm often refferd to as a bro too....good idea guess i'll do some things like this too:p

    jazaakallah khiaran for you kind's sweet

    keep me in your prayers sis:)!!

    :wasalam:wa rahmtullahi wa barakatuhu:)
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:)

    how are you sis:SMILY252:i like you "proud revert sister"statment:)alhumdulillah we should all be proud of being muslims:)
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