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  • Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah,

    How are you Sister? I hope that everything is doing good at your end, InshaAllaah.

    Just want to let you know that whatever that might happened previously, inshaAllaah nothing changed and that we are still sisters in Islam.

    InshaAllaah we'll remember each other in our dua'a.

    Take care,

    Wassalam. :)

    Hey, sorry for some reason I never got a notification that you had left a message on my page so I didn't see it until just now. But I like you too! lol I agree with a lot of your posts. I had to take breaks from here a lot too, but you just have to remember that the internet tends to bring out the crazies. There's lots of great people on here, even if I don't always agree with them, but this place certainly doesn't always represent the majority.
    :salam2:wa rahamtullahi wa baraktuhu

    hope you are good:)

    erm sis i just thought i'd explain something and considering i'm a born muslim don't think i believe i've got better faith and knowlegde-two things which are only granted by ALAH to those whom he wishes:)besides revert or born muslims is not something i am concerned with--we all are muslims right:)thta's the main thing....all the reasons to keep it like that;)

    oh the stuff i had to explain is a about fatwas:)fatwas are mostly about issues that are new,that didn't happen in the prophet's time so naturally it has to be scholar are those based on sahih ahadith and QUran..:D i know you know all that:p

    so my point is yea they are humans like us but with greater knowledge:)a doctor can check us not a interpretation of complicated islamic stuff is for scholars......fatwas!!

    hope i said nothing to offend you:)if yea then i'm really sorry:(

    may ALLAh give us hidaya.ameen.keep me in your prayers:)

    :wasalam:wa rahamtullahi wa baraktuhu
    my dear sister have u changed ur name and also avator??i could not understand it
    salam aleikum sister
    loved to pass by and say hello
    hope this find you in the best health and Eman
    have a good day
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