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  • Salam sister. Thanks for encouragement and I took shahada now.
    Feel so great about it though not able to tell anyone in family. But now I suspect my wife knows a bit and is not averse to it which is a great news.
    Tell me ways of telling and convincing her.
    You have been my source of energy sister. Please keep contact at sunnyhay at yahoo dot com
    wa alaikom assalam my sister
    I don't think I'm planning to go Omrah these days bcz I'm kinds busy
    In sha Allah when I go I won't forget you :)
    walikum asaalam sister :) ... how r u sister? .. alhumdulillah uni going good :D .. i hav to drive so much to reach my uni.. howz ur married life :) ..
    Great!! So your routine work will start tomorrow...Good Luck,dear...Work hard...

    I will certainly make Dua for you...
    alhumdullillah.. im good. same here guest came...inshallah my uni starting frm tomorrow.. plz make dua for me :)
    jazakallah khair
    Waalykum assalam brother..

    I am fine,thank you..
    Had a tiring day..Lot of guests had come,being weekend,you know..
    walikum asaalam sister, its okay :D u dont hav to say sorry..can i ask u something? ..do u hav kids

    allah hafiz
    :wasalam: sister... well, im frm pak, karachi. n i liv in dubai. feel good when someone also here on TTI liv in U.A.E.. sister, where r u frm?
    jazakallah khair
    May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always.

    Eid Mubarak to you and ur whole family!!
    wa alaikum salaam sister,
    yes thread by brother FutureSaad was indeed shocking. reading about kicking one's pregnant wife just makes one shudder!

    may Allah increase love between all muslim spouses.
    oh u love kids ...........i also like kids but not that time when they teasing me......lol just joking

    enjoy ur time with kids

    take care u a lottttttttt
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