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  • I M F9,Deary...
    was getting bored here,but now some Palestinian kids have befreinded me..actually i love kids..so,getting good company..
    Wa allaicum saalam dear sister.

    Alhamdulillah,I am fine,and taking rest from college.

    How about you sister? How is everything in your life? Inshallah fine too and in Allahs blessing.Ameen.:tti_sister:

    My Allah,To You belong all Praises,You are the Light of Heaven and Earth.Praise be to You,You are mentening the Heaven and earth,to You belong all Praises.You are The Lord of Heaven and Earth,and everything which is on them.You are the Truth.Your Promisse is Truth.Your Speach is Truth.The Meeting with You is Truth.Janah is Truth.Jahannam is Truth.Day of Judgment is Truth.My Allah,I am belonging to You.In You,I belive.On You I am rely on.To You,I repent.In Your name and by Your Low I Judge.Forgive me my past and my future.Forgive me what I do in public and waht I do in secret.You are my God,and there is not God but You,La illahe IllAllah.

    Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.s. dua (May Allahs peace and blessing be upon him):tti_sister:
    wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah

    I do not know what messages you are talking about

    assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh
    HONEY , I replied here
    did not u see it ??

    I will start when I 'll see u on msn ^_^
    and Arabic is a quiet diffecult for forigners .
    wa alaikom assalam
    hello honey , oh i'm sorry for u , how are now ?
    about me I'm OK al7amdu lillah :)
    Your profile shows you are an Indian sister. I would like to chat with you as I am also Indian from Maharashtra Mumbai. Where are u from? Are u born muslim or revert? I am very much decided on reversion but things are not working as per my schedule. I need guidance and encouragement. Can I know about you?
    w aleykum salaam,
    jazallah khair,
    i did not reply yday because i am not staying all the time on forum, i am very busy also i checked the forum in the evening so i think you post after and when here was night -> sleeping..

    wa alikum assalam wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh
    im fine alhamdoliallah dear ukhtii..my family too jazakai allah everykhir fi duniya wa al akhirah..and you what about you ? hows everything with you in your new life ...may allah bless you all times....
    i don't understand about which function dear ukhtii ? CAN EXPLAIN TO ME MORE AND JAZAKI ALLAH KHIARN KATIRAN
    i love you for allah sake so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

    lots hugss and kisses
    ur sis khadija

    yes sister, i have read ur post in 'Jinn' thread. jazaak Allah khair for ur such supportive words!

    i do not understand why others are taking it so seriously that they are jumping on me for informing about this matter.
    walikum salam my dear ukthi
    i am fine alhamdulliah.....
    right now i am checkign new posts here..he he..
    i was bored so i came on to TTI
    how are you sis?
    Allaicumu Salam dear sister

    I will e mail you until the end of this day InshAllah as I have promissed you.
    Please be patient with me and I apologise if I have hurted your feelings. Allah knows that it was never my intention.

    Please forgive me and you too take care.

    May Allah bless you and protect you always. Ameen

    Wa Allaicum saalam sweet sister.

    Jazzak Allah khiar for your kind words,and wallahi you made me so happy with your message.:) I am glade that you like it for the sake of Allah,and I love you too so much.:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    May Allah reword you for your kindness and bless you all the way.:tti_sister:

    walikum salam my sweet ukhti
    alhamdulliah i am fineeeee
    how are you doing sis? i hope everything is excellent on ur side
    wow mashallah...good to see you very happy in ur marriage..MAy you and ur husband always stay like that.Ameen
    well i currently live in canada, originally from pakistan and i am studying accounting....yucki accounting...lol
    inshallah talk to you soon my sweet sis
    trust me u r moreeeeee sweet
    take care

    Jazzak Allah khair dear sister for your kindness.:)

    May Allah bless you

    Take care

    Wa allaicum saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarakatuhu sister.

    Inshallah I will email you as soon as I find time.:hearts:

    I apologise if you were waiting dear sister.

    Wa alaikom Assalam , hello honey
    Sorry dear I saw it but I forgot to reply
    I'm ok al7amdulillah and yes that was me :)
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