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  • As salam alaykum brother dna1987 how are you can i please send you an ad request please ! :)
    Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullah akhi,

    I apologise for the late reply and appreciate your prompt reply.Thank-you.Yeah Its international english exam. I have sent some messages to other brothers and received some recommendations.

    Thank-you for taking the time. BarakAllahu feek.
    Yeah, and generally when they see the youth who dress up casually as in wearing jeans and a V-neck, they picture all these stereotypes of being ignorant or evil and display bad manners towards them. It puts people (especially the young ones) off. That`s why alot of them dont come to the masaajid. But some maasajids are good and very welcoming, i personnel prefer those ones.

    Ive never been Chittagong, but i heard apparently the beach is the largest in the world. Lol primitive. Where i was born in the UK most of my neighbors were white and my mum used to make loads of curry for them and they used to love it. But she had to tone down on the spices Lol.
    Asalamu alyum brother
    i live in the state of victoria so the floods are not here alhamdulilah. i saw on your profile that you were in those areas affected by flooding. How is your condition and the people around you. I pray that the people are safe
    Yeah, its between other Bangladeshi and generally Africans (who are perceived as "Jamaicans!"). In some masaajid they older uncles dislike it if a black man prays in the front line. They mutter racist words in Bangali sometimes. Its sad.

    Dhaka is a nice city, apparently they have Nando`s there now. Cool.
    Thats true, after a few weeks or months of not eating any rice and curry, i get this abnormal feeling. I mean i cant go without it, even if it means my blood pressure will upsurge.

    Eating curry with your hand is sensational
    Looks can be decieving. They may have beards and wear clothes above the uncles but racism and bigotry still bleeds within the Sylheti community esp towards blacks.

    Yeah, I did it for Uni. If you have three modern foriegn language GCSE`s then your regarded as a very good student. Movie director thats cool man. They have the cliche "get rich or die tryin"

    Not typical Asian? Lol...i bet you still eat rice and curry.

    Which part of B`desh are you from? And i have 5 other siblings. Working class parents like to have children. How many siblings do you have?
    Yeah ive heard of one Bangali named Askari before. It was a wild guess. And yes im Sylheti and your right about most Bangalis in UK are Sylheti. I did my Bangla GCSE and got an A* but one brother told me it means absolutely nothing lol. The standard in this country is too low in comparison to what they`re taught in B`desh.

    Typical asian in the medical field. Just kiddin, thats good man.
    Assalaamu alaykum,

    hope you are in the best state of health of imaan.
    Needed some help. I want some links for IELTS site (whether free or paid ones) having good practice papers, info etc.I saw some sites but they aren't have quantity of papers. Akhi, If you find some good sites, please hook it to me here, InshaAllaah. Its urgent.

    thank you for taking time and JazaakAllahu khayr.
    Walaykum Assalam

    Kooob balo ;) My Bangla is not so great. But it helps when your applying for a job. "You know, i can speak another language"

    the A is it Ahmed or Askari? 1987? That must be your age.

    Im currently in first college. Im doing A levels, Biology Chemistry Psychology , Sociology.

    In Shaa Allah i can get into Pharmacy or something under the medical field.

    What are you studying?
    Wasalaam alaykum,

    right ! I feel for certain subjects wiki has good information and yeah feel the very same way regarding info as what you mentioned. :)

    I read it back again into the link and it says adminstration type - 'autonomous region' and at the header of template ' Xingiang Uyghur autonomous region'. From this I think that they have an own autonomous secretarial type of administration or gov't and seems to be a buffer zone between two states. And Allaah knows the best in regard.

    personally I too like to know more about the muslims in those regions. It sounds interesting to know about these people, indeed.
    wa'alaykum assalaam,

    No need to apologise. I appreciate we had some decent convo, mashaAllaah! well, thank-you for the info on Xinjiang province. I did looked into it as well when I watched this message. Here is what wikipedia says. I hope it is true stuff from wiki :).


    Reading it I see more influence of ethnic groups from turkish origin like Hans, Uyghurs over the demography than later is from China, Russia and other mixed tribals. And am not sure which sort of govt they have but it seems they elect secretaries and most of them are muslims as predicably looking into the list.

    May we have 100% muslim govt over there as well as muslims rule with complete dominance and sovereignty and may Allah make things easy. thanks.
    salam alikom,
    thanks alot on your feedback bro, good to know you enjoyed it.
    I use adobe after effects (mostly for that video) and adobe premier generally. You can torrent them on the pirate bay (let me kno if u have trouble doing that). anyway they are pretty complex to use, and do require sometime to get used to them, if you really are want to learn how to use them (which is very satisfying and fun) let me know I can give you some tips if necessary
    Assalaamu alaykum,

    Well, I did wait for your reply on the thread " is this true about muslims in europe ? " - :0) .
    Anyways it was good to know your views and hope we have a good discussion sometimes onwards over some other topic. - jazaakAllaahu khayr.
    Assalaamu alaykum,

    I liked the video of Brother Mohammad sohail and thank-you for sharing with us. jazakAllaahu khayr.
    as salaamu alaikum brother...
    lol jazakallah for sharing the joke you are too funny..
    where do you stay brother???
    So brother , you dont agree with my underlined statement in my previous post. Actually i see this question as unanswerable through pure logic. some times logics and rationalism dont work. my belief is that they dont work when faith comes in. We can discuss this in detail sometimes with Virtual tea :lol: if u want :). i may learn from u.

    Take care brother
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