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  • Normally I stay in Australia. But I am living in Malaysia currently until the end of this year :) Assalam alaikum.
    Wa'alykum as salam brother...Alhamdulillah I am perfect..hope the same with u...Du'a k Guzarish...
    I'm originally Bangladeshi myself btw, but I've never lived there. The joke was in reference to brother Korai_28, yourself and lastly, me. But now that I've read what you guys are studying, I could make another joke about an engineer, accountant and a doctor. :)
    Assalam alaikum.
    So a Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi man are stranded on this island. Along comes an angel and grants them each a wish. The Pakistani man says "I wish that I was off this dreaded island and back with my family "So the angel grants his wish and the next thing he knows he is back at home! Then the Indian man says "I too wish that I was off this dreaded island" and the next thing he knows he is at home with his family. Then the Bangladeshi man says "It sure is lonely around here, I wish my two friends could come back!"
    wa alaikum salam warahamtu-llahi wabarakatuhu

    how are you brother?
    come on you dont come in gtalk much, how will we communicate then, huh?
    anyways, you're always in my prayer inshaa'Allah

    JazakAllahu khair
    I am originally from Pakistan,but nowadays studying in Germany for masters in Electrical Engg and u brother?
    Asslam o alaykum,

    Brother JazakAllah khayr for the friendship invite..

    May Allah SWT bless u always .meen
    Assalamu allaicum wa rahamtullah wa barakatuhu

    Thank you dear brother Syed Muhammed for your friend request. :)

    May Allah bless you and reword you. Ameen summa ameen

    Wa Allaicumu sallam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
    oh jazak-allah bhai,
    Please use thread me bhi kuch post kijye, taakey mai apne friend ko bata sakun,
    my friend will be happy after seeing that so many people are praying for her mom.
    aslam o alaikum

    Khair mubarik yaar aap sub ki hi duaeen hain =) JazakAllah khair keep me in ur duas thou and wa iyak too =)
    Thanx perfectly got my point.....
    and the next point you've got..the Tableegh-jamah....yes brother.....yet they have the pure yakeen(dependence in Allah) they are too honest,too pious,too dependent on Allah,they dont gamble,behave good with ppl....but yet they have some bad logics and you cant defend them.......they give emphasis to follow the sunnah but they dont follow it properly...

    anyways...same victim.....shukran lakum for getting my point,point to point..

    Jazakallahu Khairn brother.
    bhai! :p yaar sorry i had to go yaar msn pe tum ne lagta hai delete kar diya ya block :p i dont see u online :) phir se add karo yaar mere contact info mein email hai :) apna khayal rakhna bhai :)
    wah wah bhai ji :p aslam o aliakum

    aap ki poem par raha tha wah wah wah :p lol :D shair ho gaye ho tum tu itni dino mein :p oyee msn pe kyun nahin ati univ start ho gaye kya?
    walaikum salam wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuhu
    i really apologize for late reply mein bohat busy ho gaya tha aur internet nahin hota itna
    plz apna khayal rakhn ;) aur do awesom on the exams :)
    aur plz duaon mein bhi ho sake tu yad rakhna
    aslam o aliakum
    Wa'alykum as salam dear bro,
    I'm so sorry coz I am unable to come online very often,
    as u know i'm in UAE now and looking for the job here.I'mon visit Visa of 70 days,11 passed.Please do pray for me that I get a good job soon.Take care,Allah Hafiz
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