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    salam all brother mymohsin u r 100% right as i saw in saheeh thnx for the correction becouse i use my own brocken english to translate the answer and it end up whith me like that looks like my english is deeply brocken:shake:
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    if my answer is correct my question is the muslims army was ordered to retreat from a city by khalefa after some of its residents complained to the khalefa that the muslim leader of that army didnot apply the islamic rule in war of giving the choice of jezya(tax)or following islam or fight the...
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    salam for all the sahabi who suggested the adan was abd allah ben zayd ben ta'labah and he had a ro'yah about it that he told the prophet saaw and the prphet accept it and he suggested that belal al-habashy is the one who can make first adan becouse of his high and deep and clear voice and...
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    new israeli crime in gaza 7/05/2007

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    30 false claimants of Prophethood

    salam all thnx for the great post i hope god jal jalaloh will protect us from whats coming later
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    Important Aspect of Friday

    sobhan allah what a holyday is friday,i just feel too bad for those who spend their friday dancing and drinking all day all night doing every thing that god told us not to do and they do that on this holy friday i hope one day they will realise what they are missing and i hope god will forgive...
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    Jazaakallah Khair to all stay at home mothers

    salam all all support to all mothers who stays at home and who work outside too because after finishing work they will be working at home too and i hope that when i get married god bless me whith a wife that stays at home to take care of her family becouse there might be a lot of men or women...
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    its a little hard but i will give it a try abd al hameed keshek rahemaho allah
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    The width of hell

    god will save us whith his mercy inshallah that day ameen
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    1 Habit?

    One of the companions of the Prophet () asked, straight-up: “Can a Muslim be a liar?” He () said “No! A Muslim can never be a liar!” [Malik's Muwatta] sobhan allah the leaderr lies to his ommah and the business owner lies to his customer and the teacher lies to his students and the friend...
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    barak allah for u brother wannabemottaqy its qeba mosque Shot at 2007-06-28 The first mosque ever to be built in Islam was the mosque at Quba'. near Medina, which still exists in its original place where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) collected his earliest disciples. The...
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    ameeen god help hm and all muslims
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    good morning palestine

    i have to listen to this every day UveSKaysaQ4 Shot at 2007-06-24
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    the plan

    sobhan allah the international community is maybe useless but there is a god for the aqsa and allah is the one who will protect
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    Saladdin Ayubi,the hero of Hundreads of Battles

    barak allah for and may god send us a leader like salah al deen to save this omma ameen