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  • a life without love is not a real life,but love without pain is not a real love.
    السلام عليكم اتمنى لكم كل العائلة الزوج والاولاد الصحة و العافية في الدنيا و الاخيرة.....Hello I wish you all the husband's family and children health and wellness in the world and the recent
    Hello I am happy now contact you and I hope that lasts fraternal friendship in Islam, God willing
    Asalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu sister! I wanted to tell you that you've been in my prayers! May Allah SWT make everything very easy for you! Amen!
    Salam alaykum

    not very far dear. I have friends from all over the world like from Bangladesh and one from there I have met few times. So he now studies in my country.

    Have a blessed friday to you.
    salam brother,I'm sorry if I didn't answer you,but I wasn't able to do it.I hope you're alright.I spent the Eid in morocco with my children,far from my husband,but it was beautiful too,because there was the warmth of the family of my husband which made me feel not alone.may Allah bless you
    May Allah accept all your fasts and prayers and
    good deeds and reward you generously.

    Have a happy and blessed Eid!

    Warmest salams,

    I by nature have an inclination to learn languages easily.I had the chance to learn arabic language...who knows it,maybe one day I'll have to talk to some sister with your same language and I'll maybe ask for some lessons:biggrin::wasalam:
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