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  • Assalamu aleikum sister, I read some of your posts and I felt I needed to congratulate for your strengh and iman of wearing hijab and fighting for your rights! SubhanaAllah! I know it is not easy to show our identity as muslims in a very catholic southern country, you in Italy me in Portugal! May Allah help us to keep on His right path!
    Wa Alaikom Assalam
    Thank you sister ! Yes I'm trying my best with him , I'll start to debate abiut Trinity soon in sha'a Allah
    The problem most of them runaway , I had another Christian to debate with , he wanted to force me to accept the idea of " Jesus is God " , I asked him a question and he ignored it , I asked him again and told him DONT IGNORE .. he said believe in Jesus as you want it's up to you .. and he escaped Lol
    They know their religion is wrong , but their hate against Islam makes them stubbourn ..

    May Allah bless you dear sister .. :)
    That's good to hear :)
    You know I just known an Italian friend from internet , he is very curious about Islam . He's Christian Catholic .. what do u suggest me to tell him ? he asked about Hejab and Niqab and I tried to answer him .. any special thing to say ?
    Thanks !

    ** please answer in my profile bcz I can see it in notification ^_^
    wa salam 'alikum sister!I'm good mashallah,thanks for your message,my little Imran is growing up very fastly,everything's ok.barak Allahu fiki
    Assalamu Alaikom
    I missed you sister .. how're you ? and how's little Imran ?
    Best wishes to you and your family ! :)
    salam 'alikum dear sisters and brother,I had no time to write in tti cause I was too busy,but I hope in sh allah to come back.no shaytan touched me at the moment,shukran lakun jiddan
    Walai kum salam warahmatulahi wabarakhatahu sister, I make dua that Allah SWT gives you shifa and protects you and your family from all evil and harm.
    how are yo sisters?I hope everything go well,pray for my deliver please,I am afraid!!!
    asalam alykum sis hw are u doin i just stoped by to say asalama alykum **from your sister in islam**

    wasalama alykum :shake: :shake:
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