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    Which heart is yours???

    Asalaamu alykum warahmatulahe wabaraktuhu some inspiring videos mashAllah TabarkAllah..... please keep posting them ya Muslimeen, the ummah needs them subhanAllah..... May Allah help us to act up on this knowledge.... Ameen ya Rabul Arshil Kareem ~'Put your trust in Allah...
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    JazakAllah khairan for all your duas my dear brothers and sisters.... I thought I should up date you guys..... Alhumdulilah Allah has answered your duas..... the sheikh was supposed to be evicted on Tuesday 9th of August, however after a lot of protesting the director of the Mosque (Ahmed...
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    Apologies for the late reply had loads to do.... right Sheikh Muhammad is the oldest Imaam at the Regents Park Mosque yet he has very little rights.... its a harsh world brother.... When He lost his eyes he did not receive any form of compensation or financial Aid from the Masjid either...
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    Asalaamu alykum warahamtulahe wabarakatuhu Sheikh will be evicted tomorrow :-(... please don't forget him in your du'as....
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    Beautiful Quran Reading From Sudan - Isha Salat Of 04-08-2011

    MashAllah TabarakAllah! its so different but yet so beautiful. JazakAllah khairan for sharing with us :-D
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    salam alikom

    Wa alykumusalaam warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu.. Welcome! Ehlan wa sehlan wa Marhaban ya Akhi..... inshAllah i Hope this site benefits you in every way ameen.
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    Wa alykumusalaam warahmatulahi wabaraktuhu Im sorry for my late respond to your messages.... I have been away for a week Alhumdulilah have just returned home. Hope your all warm and well and making the most of this blessed month of Ramadan.... I am going to see this sheikh and his wife...
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    Asalaamealykum warahmatulah wabarkatuhu! InshAllah I hope you are in the best of Health and emaan! Plese read this and do not ignore it! Shiekh Muhammad El Salamouni (A former Imaam at Regents Park Mosque- Central London) was attacked by a racist yob a few years ago. This brutal attack...
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    Cloves ... the Lost Treasure

    SubhanAllah! I Knew cloves are beneficial for the body, but I did not know they can be used as a treatment for so many illnesses...... Allah Hu Akbar!
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    learning and starting praying

    Walykumusalaam warahmatulah wabarakatuhu akhi performing salaah is the second pillar of Islaam, there are five altogether: 1)Shahadah (Declaration of faith) 2)Performing Salah 3)Sawm (Fasting in the month of Ramadan) 4) giving Zakaah 5) performing Hajj. Alhumdulilah I am happy that Allah...
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    online love

    Walykumusalaam warahamtulah wabarakatuhu aukhti Please do not hold on to something which is of no benefit to you, I just think you are infatuated by this brother, and InshAllah i pray that Allah makes you strong so that you can move on, because this brother certainly has.... InshAllah...
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    Isn't it time?

    Aslaamealykum warahamtulah wabarakatuhu MashAllah tabarakAllah what a deep poem..... May Allah give you the tawfeeq to continue sharing such beautiful poems with us akhi ameen
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    Why do Sun Tans or Tans look more attractive than pale fair or white skin in your opi

    Aslaamealykum warahamtulah wabarakatuhu the tone of our skin should never matter, even Allah the Lord of the heavens and the Earth does not judge us based up on our physical appearance.... He looks deeper in to our hearts SubhanAllah....
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    The keepers of hell

    Allah humah Ajirna minanaar (Our Lord save us from the fire of hell) Ameen..... JazakAllah khairan for sharing with us brother.
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    Ameen Aukhti..... May Allah reward you for having such pure intentions ameen x P.s. Welcome to TTI, May this site benefit you in every way ameen