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  • Wa`alaikum salaam...!<<< answering to your salaam from your last msg!;D

    Actually, I don't have your numero anymore... I lost it, along with my hooyo and aabo's numbers!lol

    Um, well... hope all is going well for you ukht! And I trust you aren't getting lost in the U? I hear the campuses are gigantic...hehe

    Wa iyyaki dear sister.:)

    May Allah bless you and protect you.Ameen.

    Wa allaicumu salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    It is fine dear sister for your request Alhadmulillah,and Inshallah I will correct my initial post now. If I knew it on the first place I would not have mention it Alhadmulillah.

    Jazzak Allah khair

    I believe that doing the rights things can bring back happiness like it used to but only when someone's eemaan is in a right state, if you get what I mean. Whatever youre going through I hope God makes it easy for you, sounds like difficult times :(

    Lol the last part of your vm is funny haha x
    asalam o alykum my dear little sister my birdi...
    what happen to you my sweet heart ,,,, itni piyari behan ko kia ho gaya hay ....why are you depressed ? Allah has bestowed you with such good heart .... i give my friends your example masha Allah ...dear some times shaitan makes you down feel but dont be traped you have life before you hopes and mercy of Allah subhan talla ...so much to live , so much to do i read your thread before but my little duck was weeping i was unable to reply there but believe me i was continuously thinking about you plz recite last surahs of quran, and listen quran ...me and my duck love you when she will grow up i will tell her about you as a wonderful sister in my life ... i love you so much really ...lots of hugs and love sweet bird ...remember Allah always decides what is perfect for you and loves you thats why He azza wa jal made you a muslim and kept you on islam dear ,,,,
    What you say is 100% true I agree.

    Tbh I don't want to do things and then regret deeply and feel lost later on. But still it's harrrrd!!!

    Btw have you heard of 21 Jump Street? :D

    Lol I was screaming my lungs out, I couldn't watch it properly it was too nasty coz he proper bit into it, like huge bites like mad :S lol.

    :jazaak: for your message, it's hard you know :/ inshaAllaah Allaah changes my heart coz right now it's black and hard like a rock.
    Lol did you ever watch grave encounters, it's about ghosts and stuff and there's one scene where this guy goes mental and literally eats a rat, it's so nasty :s I think for me that's the most disturbing part of the whole movie lol.

    Exactly the same thing happened to me, I just went back to watching movies lol.

    Lol, you sure you don't want me to tell you? :p Btw, have you watched Ghost Rider 2? Omg it's really good and the actor is so hilarious. I watched it in 3D so even better :D
    Same here, I know there's no excuse, but inshaAllaah I hope I can go back in track, and for you too.

    Yo dude! Ima go watch it wiv ma homie this week, it's coming out and I can't waait :O I heard it's a true story as well, so that's what makes it even more creepy but it's cool, I know I can handle it :D I'm so excited.

    And yes, I've watched the vow, and although I'm not into chick flicks or rom coms LOL, it's pretty good and a true story as well. I can sum it up if you want.

    Lol! Yea, I'm glad I know a sister (like yourself) who is really interested in movies and stuff, because a lot of practising people I know don't even watch tv lol, mashaAllaah though.

    I'm doing well :jazaak: for asking. How are you doing? I know I'm late but I see you've changed your username.

    How's deen, life, work, studies, etc.?

    Hey have you heard of a movie called 'The Devil Inside'? Just asking :D
    So why exactly "I Hear Islam" ?? I'm half thinking to change my own username to "ISeeIslam", and then we could recruit three more sisters to change their names to "ITouchIslam", "ISmellIslam", and "ITasteIslam" and then we could be the Five Islamic Senses group. What say? :)

    Who is IHearIslam? I don't know any IHearIslam. Is it some spammer??? Must call in the investigation team... dun dun dun... Let's go to View Conversation.

    *Gasp* Eeeeeeeek!!! It's my long long lost sister "AmatuAllah4life"! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! :hearts: :hearts:

    Sister!! It's been ages since I've seen you last on TTI. Where have you been dear, and how could you leave us all without letting us know like that? *sob sob* OMG, I'm so glad you're back :D Stick to TTI sis, it'll cure your iman for sure. I also was suffering from low iman and by regularly reading the TTI posts am trying to get it back.
    Assalamo Alaikom Sister...

    I just wanted to say Jazaki Allah Aj-Jannah for your kindness and consideration..I haven't visited the website in a loooong time and when I finally did..I saw a message from you wishing me a Ramadhan Kareem..that warmed my heart despite all the time that has passed..so shukran jazeelan!...I love you for Allah's Sake dear
    Oh my Allaah..! you are sooo slick! You came on shaleyto and signed out without saying salaam yaah?!

    =( Waayahay, I see how it is! Imma come to the U with the dumaashy next time just to hunt you down, markaas waan wada hadleenaa- woman to woman if you know what I mean! We're gonna settle this somali 'hablooyin' style!(with kurski yaal and dacas, LOL!)
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