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  • salams!! really sorry havnt msgd u! havnt been on tti in aaaaaaaages.
    hw u n fam? alhamdulilah i had a baby boy in ramadhan namd him yusuf!!!

    Eid mubarak to my lovely sister, and NO! I have not forgotten you ;)

    Wishing you and ur family the BEST eid ever!

    Loads of love, i mytv even seen u lol was in evington at my mama's ;)

    Wassalaam :D
    Salaam! :D

    oOoOoOoOoOohh mashaAllah D

    may Allah bless you guys and give you barakah in your marriage :)
    AND bless you with beauitful pious kids :D aameen

    so so hows ramadhan going?
    and dont worry if you cant msg me :) i can understand

    tc wassalaam! :D
    wslm lol, yep im guji!! lol inshallah wil meet up soon. busy at da mo jus gt marrid!! :) Ramadhan mubarak 2 u 2!! oh i dnt study jus playin housewife at da mo!! lol
    Salam, so so sis what you studying? :)
    hope u come online today inshaAllah :)

    Take care my sweet sis

    Wassalaam! :D
    As-salaamu'alaykum haha! :D

    u posted here llol i didnt see this mss llol sorrrriiiiii
    busy? Awwwwwwwwww :)

    ramadhan mubarak to you sisterrrrrrrrrrrrr :)
    make dua for me n my family :)

    outta interest u guji? :D hehe
    lub lub lub u llol :D x x x

    hope to meet u some day inshaAllah c'mon man u live in leicester like probably 10 minute drive from where i live lol :D inshaAllah

    Wassalam! :D
    Highfileds.... this is soo cool.... :)
    I'm soo happy!

    Whats your name? you can pm me if you dont want everyone to know!! Loll !! :)
    I wanted to pm you but i cant because you have disabled that option right?

    Take care
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