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  • :salam2:! That's what I thought you meant but I should tell you that the way you asked, if read by someone in a less than pleasant mood, could have easily taken it incorrectly.

    "For curiousity sake:
    Do you actually read and contemplate whatever you posted?
    Because if you did, and you are still a non-muslim, then there must be something wrong." By what you said here, it implys that you were saying that "there must be something wrong with you"....I just thought I'd point that out so that you do not inadvertently hurt someone's feelings.

    As for your question, I do read and contemplate everything. Just because I'm not a muslim, does not mean that I can't google answers or share my experiences. My own cultural beliefs are also quite similar to those of Muslim beliefs so it makes it easier to understand.

    :) No, I've had to answer this question at least a hundred times. I have taken to answering this way, "I can only walk as fast as my feet."
    :salam2: Brother

    Eid Mubarak and may Allah remember you. Would you be kind and explain more what you meant? I'm not sure.
    U cant edit because the thread is closed
    i looked into the traslation on 'Google translate'
    and saw that ur translation was wrong, in the arabic text it doesnt say jihad while u translated the word to jihad

    ولن نمنعكم الفيء ما دام أيديكم مع أيدينا
    "We will not hinder you from taking from what you earned in jihad"
    And it's narrated from 'Ali that he said about khawarij:
    ولن نمنعكم الفيء ما دام أيديكم مع أيدينا
    "We will not hinder you from taking from what you earned in jihad"
    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Brother, about the 'Adopt a Prisoner Program', I would like to see the letter that you have written and so maybe some of the points can be used to write letters to the sisters as well. And I think (IMO), most people are not clear yet of how it actually works. About the profile of the brother whom you wrote to, I saw that there was a mailing address in Germany; so does that supposed to be his home address? Ok I have saved the mailing address of the Global Voice but can I just choose any female whom I would like to write to or I can just send the same email to different females and do I have to put alongside on the email their full name? Sorry for the numerous question.

    Good, Masha'Allah you were well, brother. And I'm fine too, Alhamdulilllah.

    May you always be in His Almighty's protection.
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