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  • dentistry is tiring for me but alhamdulilah cuz medicine is tougher :D .. so that way i feel relieved when some times dentistry gives me 'headache'. for the time being i am searching for a patient or two for my next semester practical session, inshalah. pray for me, jazakallah kher. ur sister in Islam.
    Assalamualaikm. I pray for u success inshalah, in dentistry, in ur life and ur next life.
    I'm foreign student studying in Jordan, if u know; Jordan University of Science & Technology. This is my first time i hear Suez Canal University.
    ma sha Allah ur in the final year. I am studying dentistry too. I am going to be a 4th year student next semester. May Allah grant u success. How is ur study? Is it difficult being a final year student? Where are u studying? I am excited cuz I never met a dentist on TTI before. :D
    Asslam'u Alykum, akhi. :)
    Read you around and thought of saying hope you are doing fine. Insha'Allah.

    Wa'alykum salaam
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