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  • walikumsalam..
    yes yes i do remember yew =)
    i dont come here much anymore soo lol im in the same boat as you :)
    im goin fine alhamdulilah sorry bout to late reply haha... what about u? how are u doin? hows ur family? hows life :)
    take care and eid mubarak sweet sista <3 remember me in dua and plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz pray i have an important exam in this month need dua's.... ciao :*
    Walikumsalam sister

    ramadan mubarak u toooooooooo

    how r u? i hope everything will be fine at ur side:)
    take care
    walikumsalam wah rahmahtullah wah bahkarrtu
    Walikumsalam ukhti ♥
    Ramadan kareem to u too *hug*
    Jzakallah khair fr dua :D May Allah Bless you...
    u too take care behna. and thnx fr the vm :D
    Asalamalikum fatima sis

    i hope u r fine in the best of iman n taqwa i saw ur user title ''blood tears, i cry''..............what happ my dear? is everything ok?? i hope soo inshAllah

    take care

    Salaamz Dear Sis,

    Your mail is bouncing... have you change the address????? [email protected] Bu t i have noticed your address have been changed in your profile..... Shall i add this mail ID???

    Salam sis!
    hwzzzzzzzz U:D:D:D:D man long time no see :D
    im fit fine alhamdulilah. u telloz whats up?
    urs sistaaaaa
    Are sure thing hun, i'll add you or vice versa?

    Here is mine anyway, add me quickly lol cos i'll delete this msg in about 2 minutes :p

    *your time starts NOW* GO! :D

    *deleted email address*
    Wa'alaykum salaam!

    Same old donw my end :):)
    SO happy to hear from you dear! Missed u quite a bit and ur perky msgs *hugs*

    TC of urslef,
    hope things have been going well for you,

    Urs, Asmaa :):)
    assalamu alaikum..

    uhh yeah haha :D

    I live near the capital, maybe my father knows him, he know many many muslims and iraqis :)

    It's like i've heard that name before..

    Sisterr where from iraq are you? :D
    I'm from mosul :D hihi

    good to meet u!
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