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    Ruba Qewar, Christian-Muslim-Christian?

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu I know a few people on yt as well as on tti in the same condition(i mean said shahadah and left Islam the next day). What can we say?Allah is the One who guides. Saying shahadah doesn't mean that person is being guided. Being a true slave of Allah...
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    I have a project in my mind

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu You need to find a sponsor.There are many organizations giving free Islamic books.Contact them.But you need a proper paperwork telling them what you are about to do,the cost,the types of books you need,the amount and other relevant information. Try...
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    Christian acting like muslim??

    As salamau'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu I don't think it was posted here as an attachement.As far as I remember,it was a yt link and it is private Here is the link Jazaka Allah khairan for replying. Allah knows the best As salamau'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu
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    Christian acting like muslim??

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu Brother can you plz give me the video.I have posted it last year in my blog but the video cannot be viewed . As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu
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    Christian acting like muslim??

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu Sister,when a non Muslim said she/he prays 5 time what does it mean?Does mean dua or salah(reciting Al-fatihah,ruku,sujud and so on?do they pray in arabic?). The second thing,she is not sinful for using Islamic terms.But she is sinful for not...
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    Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu Yes that is what I saw on the news. Allah knows the best. As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu
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    How do you deal with your parents?

    As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu I am a mother of 2 years old boy.One day in sha Allah when he grows up,I would do the same as your parents are doing. This is the nature of parents. I would constantly question his location(this world is no longer a safe place for any of us),I will...
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    Please,I really need prayers.

    :salam2: In sha Allah my dua is with you. The Creator knows what is the best for us. If we did not get what we wish for,then in sha Allah He is planning for something better. For your wound...let time heal it. Allah knows the best :salam2:
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    Great Quranic Link-Must See-

    :salam2: Need to bump :salam2:
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    Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

    Sectarian clashes in Egypt leave 13 dead :salam2: Sectarian clashes in Egypt leave 13 dead Cairo on Wednesday, as old regime diehards attacked pro-democracy protesters in the biggest challenge yet to Egypt's new military rulers. Bloody fighting broke out late on Tuesday in the working...
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    Here He Goes Again

    :salam2: lol....I agree....I was about to write the same thing yesterday but then nevermind....
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    :salam2: I have no idea why your father doensn't allow you creating an Islamic blog.Ask him first if he would allow you to create Islamic blog.Perhaps he might be against personal blogs. As a married woman i have to obey my husband and he told me NO MORE DAWAH. yeah it was difficult yet i...
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    :salam2: Go ahead and create the blog for the sake of Allah.I have one and have a look for some ideas. There are many reverts still learning Islam and blog is one of the best way in teaching them. :salam2:
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    Need sound advice

    :salam2: I am sorry to say that none of us are scholars here.Perhaps a mod can forward your question to a scholar and get back to you asap or you may attend the weekly Q&A session with sheikh Assim on every Sunday in sha Allah. Allah knows the best :salam2:
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    Prayer Step by Step mp3's?

    :salam2: TRy is in mp3 format (arabic pronuncation) and i even use it for my blog :salam2: