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  • Walaykumsalaam wa rahmatullahi respected sister revert,

    Thanks for your kind wishes. I ask you and other members to help the mod team in keeping this place peaceful and friendly. And also like to encourage you and others to contribute to this website, so we can all learn and benefit from one another.

    May Allah azz zawajal bless our dawah efforts and accept it from us. Ameen.

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
    :)that's okay!

    i just said if you are in contact with sister jengiove then when you get time,inform her that i replied to her message(the one you conveyed)on her wall.
    :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu....

    jazakallah khairan dearest shish:)hope you are doing a great job yourself.

    tell sister J that her sis J has replied on her wall.
    <3....you're the eldest now.I'm counting on you to keep the other 2 sisters in line.... :) See you in five days!
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...:)

    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu....

    sister!!!how are you dear sister.hope you are good inshallah and that you ramadhan is like "wowowoowoow":p

    i just got rid of examz so inshallah now i'll have some ramadhan fun:)pray for me okay.like really keep in your prayers, need them badly.pleeeej

    jazakallah khairan:)

    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu....

    jazakallah khairan for your help sister.honestly their Qs are really stupid.they are not seeking answers,they are just mocking e.g.
    if ALLAh was there why children suffer.
    if He's omnipotent why are things all wrong
    there wouldn't be any floods and earthquakes had there been a caring GOD and so on...

    you answer you get a rude reply of being an idiot as we who believe in God can't shove God's existence in clear terms under their noses
    but i just answer in a waaaaaay to polite way and make jokes out of their rude comments so they just Quit the whole thing with me:p...i can't help it they are soo childish and i pity them.
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

    i'm sorry for my late response sister.but i'm down with mumps and high temp.

    jazakallah khairan for your thoughts.so i suppose i'm on the right track inshallah.it's not exactly christian.it's more of athiest.and very stupid Qs they ask too.makes me laugh at times.
    hope you are doing fine and your ramdhan is going on great.and how about your son:)hope he's good inshallah.

    keep me in your prayers sister.
    Wa alaykumussalaam warahmatullaah.

    I will "up" the threads that have to do with Ramadaan. Very beneficial articles with detailed information. InshaaAllaah today, or tomorrow.
    lolzz sherlock!!you could hve used you sis.you could have deleted the msgs:)but then again i would be double annoyed to see you in green.....the greens are good but they are always so busy that you can actully get all that is good out of them!!

    i'm fine alhumdulillah.preparing fora n exam inshallah.you are going to pray for me aren't you??
    alright sister,i'll do it inshallah.yep;) i kno what you busy with.good mum.good wife and good muslim.i'm really happy for you sister.may ALLAH accept your good work.when i begin my program i'll be here day in day out:D and then you'd be three hunderd times more busy.just that i want to master stuff that i am capable of doing on my own before attacking others:)......expect me sometime in or before ramadhan inshallah*freaking you:p*

    MAbrook sister!!may ALLAH grant you jannah al firdous with the rest of the ummah..
    jazakallah khairan sister.if you haven't answered her already then i will do it tommorrow inshallah:)

    yeah i do have a couple of hadiths regarding this issue of no nikka without wali but wasn't sure how to actually explain it to her.so you did it mashallah:)...

    lemmekno if you have done it by tommorrow inhallah
    oh no poor baby is he fine now!may he have a peaceful dreamy dream sleep:)i see you get a lot of guest:)Guest are tiring at times.but the reward servinga guest neutralises the effects:)
    Whoa your place always has something that makes me hungry.cake last time we talked and now a pizza:(i want some:p!!

    i'm fine alhumdulillah.running between books kitchen(not much now:p) and TTI...

    sister sis elyse asked me about wali,i know what wali is but i have troube explaining is if i don't get akhi ahmed's reply soon enought can you do it inshallah??
    oh no i have been usin my other msn account too cuz my new one i couldnt send messages to everyone cuz the Send button has gone! sorry i will have to add u again
    im goin to bed soon take care goood night

    Woooooooooo hoooooooooo! i can VM u now! :D
    How are u habitbii?

    hope u and ur family r in the best of health wa imaan!

    Wasalaam :D:D
    ooh eem geeee! :eek::eek: everyone??!! :D:D :lol: well you shud be happy then na? hehhehe means u becoming popular :lol: anyways im nt posting like "everyone" sis:D dun worry jus dropped by to say hello:D:D:D
    take care!!!
    Salam sis:D
    how are u? i hope u fit fine inshallah :D..... have a nice day!

    lil sis...
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