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  • :salam2: SISTER:

    How are you and your family? I hope they are good

    thank you for accepting the invitation.

    Where do you live in NY?
    I live in QUEENS and my college is in Manhattan (uptown). Manhattan is like my second home.

    Take care of yourself..:salam2:
    Dear Sister :shake:
    Waleikum Assalm, thank you so much, Shukran Jazeeeeeeeeeeelan for your welcoming, i am so happy to have you as friend, you and the rest of sister are making my profile glimmering, and shinning and I feel HOME, wALLAHi i am so happy,
    It would my a honor to have you part of Islamic Clothing Store , a members and customers as well :lol:

    Assalamo alikom dear sister,

    Jazaki Allah khairan for adding me to your friends list. I do love you for the sake of Allah. Hope that you and your daughter and all your family are in the best state of faith and health.

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