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  • wa alaikum salam warhmatu-llah

    I'm Bangladeshi, but I was born in Qatar, now in Finland for my studies.
    but there is one from Finland, our 'Sister Harb' is originally from Finland and she is a revert sister.

    may Allah subhanahu wa ta'la bless us all
    JazakAllah khair
    Assalamua'laykum wa rahmatullah Sister Sharazad,

    How are you? I pray that may you be in the best of health and imaan always. Its been a while I havent seen you here. How have you been Sister? I hope that everything is going well with you InshaAllaah. Hope to hear some news from you soon!

    Take care now. See you around :)


    Assalam alaikum sis. i am also a student in AMerica.
    how are you doing dear sis you and the famaily.
    i pray to Allah to give you the best imman and health and may he always be with you.
    Asalamu alaikum, inshaa Allah may Allah aid you in your work and make it easy for you. You are most welcome about the advise and the link, don't mention it, what are sisters for?! :) How's it going with your parents? Alhamdulela, everything's good over at my side. :) Hope to catch you on MSN soon inshaa Allah! :hearts:
    Asalamu alaikum, I finally found it alhamdulela!

    Allah's Apostle (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Anyone who takes a bath on Friday and cleans himself as much as he can and puts oil (on his hair) or scents himself; and then proceeds for the prayer and does not force his way between two persons (assembled in the mosque for the Friday prayer), and prays as much as is written for him and remains quiet when the Imam delivers the Khutba, all his sins in between the present and the last Friday will be forgiven."
    Asalamu alaikum, Ripstik is like a skateboard but with 2 wheels instead of 4. It is so fun mashaa Allah but it also quite difficult to learn at the beginning. Inshaa Allah I hope I'll get one so I can play with it when we're at the seaside (we don't have pavements here in the city lool :D). Alhamdulela, I am glad you're enjoying yourself in Morocco. Try Egyptian food while you're there, it's the best!! :D Thank you so much for keeping me in your duas, that is so sweet mashaa Allah. :) You are in mine too inshaa Allah. :hearts: Inshaa Allah talk to you soon!
    Asalamu alaikum!! Uhh, I read your PM but forgot to reply!! :( So sorry. Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful time in Morocco inshaa Allah! I've been too lazy to get on MSN for a while now lol I don't know why. Inshaa Allah I will start signing on when I open the internet again. :D Alhamdulela, I am good. Today I discovered a new sport, this ripstik and I absolutely love it! lol, anyway, tell me about Morocco!! How is it there? Also, please do not forget to make istikhara prayer (do you know what this is? or should I send you a link?) inshaa Allah. :hearts: :hearts:
    Asalamu alaikum, was just thinking about you today. :) Gosh, I miss you so much!!! :hearts: I HAVE FINISHED EXAMS ALHAMDULELA! So I'll talk to you soon inshaa Allah!! :D Hope you are well inshaa Allah. :hearts:
    ALHAMDULELA, INSHAA ALLAH he will revert one day!! Inshaa Allah taala!! So happy for you! Can't wait to talk to you! <3
    Asalamu alaikum! I have exams starting tomorrow. :( Inshaa allah I'll talk to you on Tuesday cause that's when I'll take my little break before starting to study again lol. How is everything with you? I've been reading your posts, alhamdulela for your dad. I'm so ever happy for you! Inshaa Allah one day he will revert inshaa allah taala ya rab! I miss you too!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    YOU'RE FINALLY ORANGE!!!! Alhamdulela!! :D And I'm the first to post you a VM woohoooo. :D Thanks for the add, love you! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
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