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  • Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmathullaah

    Dear Sis in Islam, Thank you for the invitation. We together should try to enjoin good and forbid evil. That is the identification of the Believers. Wassalaam
    As-salaamu'alaykum!! :D

    How are you?
    OMG im so bad and mean and horrible and rotten lol... ur like on my friend list and i have never left u a msg :( WAllahi sis i duno why thats kinda happened :confused:

    so sososososososo sorrrrii sis...

    llove u always
    Take care sweetii
    wassalaam :D:D
    salaam sis
    hw u doin??
    hope u doin well and r in ur best health and iman
    Asalamu aleykum sister
    how are you? hope everything is cool with you
    take care
    remeber me in ur du'as
    wa salam
    Salaam Baaji
    just passin by.....thought al leave u a message lol
    Apka Kya Hal Hai? lol
    hope everything's good?? inshAllah u are in the best of health and imaan
    tke cre
    ur Chotu Bhai Abzzzzzzz lol
    wa salaam sis
    im gud alhamdulillah hope ur in gud health nd best of imaan
    ur welcome sis
    wa salaam
    wa'aleykum-salaam sis
    i'm gud alhamdulillah, hw u doin.......hope ur in gud health and iman
    take care:hearts:
    no probs baaaji!! thanks for accepting!!!
    Hope ur remembering me in ur du'as!!!!
    Tke Cre chat soooon
    Allah hafiz :-D
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