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  • Salam Alaikum Brother,How are you?hows your health.I am very sorry i couldn't get to you on your last thread as i was away due to some work .Hope to see you soon InshAllah. u frm canada....r u immigrant or citizen bro? work is going well studies...they were long over :D

    so wht u study?
    wa alaikum salaam bro,

    how are you? and your studies and family? sometimes, i really cant understand your questions....:D
    Actually it is a confusion, but it is not a problem, and you will ask why?
    Because, if you don't insist in realizing thoughts you will not be punished for this by Allah, inshaAllah. Because you are staying away from something you don't know and only Allah knows.
    If you want to discover physicall fenomena, than it is another issue, i think here Allah tells us in the Qur'an, see what Allah has made, ponder over it...
    If you want to enter in ghayb issues such as the life in the grave, the hereafter, the way the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam - took the messagge, when you will die, predict what you will do tomorrow ecc... this issues are dangerous if we act by our own desires. We can take only what have been stated from the Qur'aan and from the Sunnah.
    I really hope you wil find peace and clarify your thoughts. I have had troubles in other issues as you too, but I search always the help of Allah and try to fight the thoughts by learning Islam.
    Asalamu alaykum dear brother
    Sorry brother for the late reply.
    Look you thoughts, your situation is not simple. Is not simple because it is easier to have meterial problems rather than thinking problems (I am not saying you are not OK, estagfurullah). I am saying this because I think that your problem is: Your mind is hlding on to it... This is what I think, because:
    It is more than 15 threads that you say:
    your quotation: I mean i thought we clarfied that it might not have to do with teh ghayb n its keys, but only the unknown
    ike idk what it pretains too...

    I don't understand now and I have not understood it previously!!!
    What does this mean?! Your question is very general, and you have taken general answers previously and specific ones too.
    So brother, you make the question, but the question in not comprehensive.
    (I am not attacking, I am only trying to explain what I get as a messagge in the other part of the screen!) We are here to help each other inshaAllah, but I can not help you when you yourself don't know what you are talking about specificly.
    InshaAllah you will clear you ideas.
    Asalamu alaykum brother
    I amstudying for my last exams. InshaAllah I will finshh them in january. things are good is raining but alhamdulilah, it is not very cold. I have started runing, I go after studying at 7pm. it makes me feel relaxed and in form. Later, I make dinner and then study Islam. Now I am trying to listen to the explanation of 'Aqeedah Wassitiyah - Ibn Taymiyyah, and other articles too. I try to translate from english to italian too.

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    I don't know what to say brother. In this life there is a Jihad that we must absolutely win, it is the one against shaytaan and the one against our nafs (desire)... So it is difficult to realise this two but not impossible, on the contrary it is POSSIBLE.
    It is possible gainind sound knowledge and having patience.
    This requires a hard work.
    As university,you have to take basic knowledge firstly and you have to work very hard to learn it, later it will be easier for you to understand specific arguments that you see after the first year...

    So is Islam. We have to learn, and understand what is permissible and what is not permissible.
    this topic, ghayb, is a difficult one and it is dangerous too. because we don't have too much knowledge from the Qur'an and the Sunnah about it.

    anyway brother, pray to Allah to guide you and us too.
    salaam alaikum, dear brother.
    i will come to Italy 10, october. I wish that i would soon contact with you. Are you in Napoli now or still stay in Albania?
    I hope I didn't say too brother. You know, sometimes when we argue about something, the converstion could be understood not properly. So I try always to be equilibrated, trying not to hurt the brother or sister feelings because sometimes we can be a cause of 'sadness' for the others. So after consuming all that I have to give from my small knwledge, I don't write on the topic anymore.

    So brother, let us concentrate in other things, and inshaAllah we will be guided by Allah in making the right choices in Islam and to pass the tests on this dunya.
    Salam alaykum brother
    Brother one thing is sure: Islam comes first, than other things;
    that mean, if Islam says this thing is haram, we don't do;
    if this thing is halaal,we do.
    So we organise our life according to Islam, because Islam is a total system of life, it organise it in every aspect...
    That's why I said you study ther things; DON'T WRITE ALWAYS GHAYB GHAYB GHAYB...

    Sincerely I don't understand your aspirations.
    I hope you will clear your ideas.
    But trust (not only me) all the brother and sisters that have given good advices, don't think in this point.

    Life, inshaALlah is long and we have a lot of othe things to learn and to do.
    Salam alaykum brother
    I don't know brother whether we will know the ghayb.
    I know we have to do other duties.
    Going in extreme into the religion can bring to deviation, distortion, and I say that to you because no-one asked in the past about ghayb...
    They just accepted what is in the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
    They knew, asking or going into details in a matter we have been said by Allah clearly that YOU WILL NOT KNOW... can bring you to deviation.
    Try to learn Aqeedah and Tawheed brother, then Seerah, Fiqh... Islam is very big, to spend your effort just in this matter, that is risky!!!!
    Salam alaykum brother
    PS: I am writing in such tones, because I want you to stay in the right way, as I want for my self and the other brother and sisters.
    Brother I am at home in Albania. Here alhamdulilah things are better than Italy, there is a daily lesson about tawheed in the masjid after maghreb. Then I am trying to open my books but it is very hard to study at home... but inshaAllah I will study.
    Yes, you are my only 'confirmed' brother as a friend but we are all brothers and sisters here alhamdulilah.
    In which country are you now brother Sultan?
    Salam alaykum
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